Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama's Defining Moment

The lame statements the Obama admin gave re Iran is very discouraging. It is very similar to their initial reaction when Russia invaded Georgia last year.

Barack Obama thinks the Mullahs of iran and ahmadinejad can be negotiated with with regards to their nuclear ambitions ("talk without preconditions") and is afraid that any statement that can be seen as supporting the people's uprising in iran might anger the clerics. To think that anything substantial will come out of talks with ahmadinejad about halting their quest for Nukes or stopping their support for terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas vs Israel is naive.

Instead of suggesting that he "wear a green tie" the next time around, why doesn't he grow a pair?

And don't think for a sec that the Iranian people will not remember this.

Michael Totten: "it’s frankly inconceivable that anti-Americans among the Iranian opposition will be angry at President Obama if he takes their side. It should and likely will anger them if he refuses and tacitly recognizes the legitimacy of the hated dictatorship they wish to replace."

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