Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

What is happening to NPR could have happened to FOXNEWS with Sherrod case

NPR is getting a lot of flack after they fired Juan Williams for saying what they thought was a bigoted statement about Muslims. They're feeling a lot of heat right now, especially after the story became nationalized today when Sarah Palin, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich spoke out in defense of Williams and criticized NPR for Political Correctness lunacy. Now there's a call from conservatives to defund NPR.

FOXNEWS could have been in the same situation as NPR with the Sherrod case. They were lucky. They were the real target, not Andrew.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Film Piracy killed the Philippine Movie Industry

Critic Noel Vera suggested that the pirates should only sell Hollywood films on DVD and spare local movies:

Piracy is a serious issue, sure, but one disease at a time (or all at once, but someone better be getting paid here).

That said, there's an easy if dicey way out of that, something that General Petraeus implemented so successfully in Iraq: contact the pirates, negotiate with them to pirate only Hollywood movies and not local fare.

Alternatively, license them to do the distribution and production. They seem to do a pretty good job, speedwise (they just need quality control).

Selective enforcement of rules won't work either, because local films (where tickets cost P130 and up nowadays) cannot compete with easily available pirated DVD movies from Hollywood--pristine copies obtainable for as low as P10-15.

That's why nobody goes to the movies anymore. Watching pirated dvds is the cheapest form of entertainment nowadays.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why is there no real reform movement in Islam?

from Bret Stephens:

Which brings me to the fundamental problem with too many self-described moderate Muslims. A few years ago, my friend Irshad Manji made the point to me that “moderate Muslims denounce terror that’s committed in the name of Islam but they deny that religion has anything to do with it.” By contrast, she noted, “reform-minded Muslims denounce terror that’s committed in the name of Islam and acknowledge that our religion is used to inspire it.”

Because some Muslims groups and the PC crowd don't consider those people who kill in the name of Islam as "true Muslims." If Muslims doesn't want to acknowledge how their religion is used to justify and create radical jihadism, Al Queda and Jemaah Islamiya, then what's there to reform, right?

UPDATE: Imam Feisal: "Islam does not need reformation."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shirley Sherrod’s handlers really wanted to go after FOXNEWS. They failed.

Sherrod’s handlers really wanted to go after FOXNEWS. They failed. Andrew breitbart is the consolation prize. I think Sherrod is just a pawn in Obama admin and the media’s efforts to start a “race war” with FOX by blaming her firing on them. Andrew Breitbart was set up, IMO.

1) when breitbart released the video, the WH immediately fired Sherrod without doing any investigation. My suspicion is that those who fired her knew she’s innocent all along but still removed her anyway to make it a big story in the MSM. Would have been a bigger story if FOXNEWS aired the video BEFORE she was fired. That could have been ugly... for FOX!

2) Why do i think the original intent was to set up FOXNEWS? The person who fired sherrod told her they that had to fire her because foxnews was going after her specifically glenn beck. So this explains why ms. sherrod lately has been blaming FOXNEWS for racism and for getting her fired, even though she’s wrong on the facts. Her (obama?) advisors have poisoned her mind of this "FOXNEWS is racist" and "FOXNEWS got her fired" nonsense. Ms. Sherrod was supposed to appear on megyn kelly’s show but backed off, and went to CNN to tell her side of the story. Who told ms. sherrod to back out of the scheduled interview? The same handlers who have been coaching her to blame foxnews?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Teddy Boy Locsin is a Tool

Jessica Zafra interviews Teodoro Locsin Jr. on the Automated voting system:

Why is there so much resistance to election automation?

It began in Congress, which passed the law with only one dissenting vote. Then the guys who delivered one million vote majorities to GMA in the House started opposing it. Which makes me suspect they don’t control one million votes.

Funny, I thought your committee report on Hello Garci whitewashed the whole thing.

Five House committees that heard the "Hello Garci" wiretapping controversy have adopted a final report, practically clearing former commissioner Virgilio Garcillano of the alleged rigging of the 2004 elections.

But while the report mentioned an opposition conspiracy to unseat President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, it also briefly questioned the administration's attempt to cover up the scandal.

"Malaca�ang was clearly at an utter loss to explain the tapes and, on at least one occasion, attempted a cover-up," said the report, which pointed to inconsistencies in presidential spokesman Ignacio Bunye's statements.

Bunye had said there were two compact discs -- one version spliced and the other original -- that contained conversations between Arroyo and "Gary", initially said to be a political officer of the Lakas party.

In sum, the report said: "A conspiracy clearly existed to topple the President by embarrassing her with the so-called Garci tapes, but on the other hand, the administration could not and would not confront the tapes, and contributed nothing towards arriving at the truth about them, but on the contrary attempted a cover-up."

So, did the 1 million vote padding happen, or did it not? Here's a list of names who authored the report:

The committees behind the report are: public information, under Rep. Emmylou Talio-Santos of North Cotabato; suffrage and electoral reforms, chaired by Representative Teodoro Locsin Jr. of Makati City; public order and safety, under Rep. Amado Espino of Pangasinan; national defense and security, under Rep. Jose Solis of Sorsogon; and information and communications technology, under Rep. Simeon Kintanar of Cebu.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poor People who don't pay taxes should not be allowed to vote?

From boibulag of Pinoyexchange:

No Tax No Vote : Tama N Panggagamit Sa Mga Mahihirap
Think about dapat n bang ipatupad ang suggestion n ito ? Pag malakas ka wala kang kapansanan 10 ang anak mo at wala kang trabaho then wala kang karapatang bomoto.

Oh di ba every election nalang ang mga mahihirap ang laging ginagamit ng mga politoko kaya siguro dumadami ang tamad dahil sa mga pangbobola ng mga politikos....

No Tax No Vote...

But everybody including the poor pays taxes thru 12% VAT. This is another hare brained scheme cooked up by the elites to deny a huge segment of the population their right to vote.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ang Pekeng Opo-sisyon ng Nacionalista Party

Another Gloria Macapagal ARroyo loyalist na nagkukunwaring oposisyon at anti-kurakot ay itong si Abraham Mitra, senatorial candidate ng Nacionalista Party.

"Panahon pa raw ng tatay niya" na galit siya pangungurakot.

But that was during Marcos' time.

The Baham Mitra I know now is an Arroyo Loyalist.

He voted twice for killing the impeachment complaint in 2005 and 2006.

He was one of many congressmen loyal to Arroyo who received money from Jocjoc Bolante re the Fertilizer Funds scandal.

Yup, maka "opo-sisyon" nga.

Of Course Rajon Rondo is still a poor outside shooter!

(via celticshub) I can tell you that by just looking at his FT% (62%).

For comparison, Shaq during his last year in phoenix shot 60% FT.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Laughable Nacionalista Party ad

"Tunay na Oposisyon"? The ad wouldn't even dare mention Arroyo's name.

So how serious is Manny Villar about fighting corruption? Not so much.

As I See It
Villar won’t file raps against Arroyo

By Neal Cruz
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:02:00 10/02/2009

If and when Sen. Manny Villar becomes president, he will not, he said, file charges against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. But he would not prevent others from doing so. He would allow the wheels of justice to punish those who need punishing. But he will not interfere to save anybody.
Asked what would be his priorities in case he becomes president, Villar answered that it would be the economy and jobs. An improved economy and more jobs are important to raise the standard of living in any country, he said. With a higher standard of living, graft and corruption would lessen. People would not steal anymore because they are living well already.

Obviously, it's not a priority. Just lip service.

And how silly it is to see a Marcos in an anti-corruption ad. And Satur Ocampo and Marcos in the same ad, LMAO.

MORE: Villar blind to Arroyo's corruption

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why would Lacson want to kill Dacer?

just asking here, not buying the "lacson killed dacer" angle for a sec, but:

- if lacson really killed dacer, WHAT could be his motive? He doesn't know the guy all that much other than the fact that they (lacson and dacer) are linked to Erap

- I know many would say the motive is: Erap ordered the killing because of a fallout between him and Dacer. If that is the case, then why is this administration's PNP not going after Erap NOW?

- of course, if this admin will have erap arrested NOW, erap's candidacy will be damaged and he might even get disqualified.

- with erap out, NOYNOY will benefit by getting all the remaining anti-GMA votes. So why would this admin take erap the spoiler out of the race and damage the chances of their secret annointed--Villar?

From Lito Banayo:

A more cautious judge would have tried to determine if probable cause indeed existed to charge Lacson, especially in light of the selective prosecution by the DOJ (why only Lacson, and not Erap as well, who was also in the affidavits of Mancao and even Dumlao?).

Friday, February 05, 2010


Trends used to do interviews and data gathering for 3 poll firms in 2004 (SWS, Pulse, and NFO Trends)

Now in 2010 they're doing field work for Pulse Asia and Manila Standard Today's polls, and the numbers look similar:

In the SWS survey, which says it has its own field workers, had Noynoy Aquino at 42 percent and Manny Villar at 35 percent nationwide, an 8 percent difference. Erap Estrada was at 13 percent. Undecideds were pegged at 2 percent. Error margin was at 2.2 percent, plus-minus.

The Manila Standard Today (MST) also conducted its survey, with Trends utilized as its field workers’ organization, between Jan. 21 and 27. Respondents were 2,500. In its survey, MST had Noynoy Aquino at 36 percent nationwide and Villar at 34 percent, a statistical tie. Estrada was pegged at 13 percent. Check on the math for nationwide averages. It is clear that the MST’s survey is intended to deliberately bring down the numbers of Estrada, as Pulse Asia did and no doubt, SWS did too.

Pulse Asia also conducted a survey from Jan. 20 to 26, the same time frame as MST and to a certain extent, SWS’ time frame, also using Trends for its field work. Its respondent base was 1,800. In it, Aquino obtained 37 percent, Villar at 35 percent, or a statistical and Estrada at 12 percent.

As Trends was utilized by both MST and Pulse, validation by way of comparison, can’t be claimed.

Read the whole thing. Ninez explains why she finds the internal numbers suspicious.