Saturday, June 16, 2012

UPDATED (12/3/12): The Immigration Reform Plan Marco Rubio Should Be Presenting

Here is my 4 Step Immigration Reform Plan for America. The emphasis is on DISCOURAGING more illegal immigration in the FUTURE:

1) First, eliminate access to free K-12 public school education for future illegal aliens.

2) No more automatic citizenship for children born in the U.S. to 2 non-American parents.

3) Once both are done, I would give legal residency and work permits for qualified "Dreamers" who are not recent arrivals. No limits will be placed on the types of jobs they can apply for.
4) Have a guest worker program with Mexico limited to agriculture sector and those who want to work as nannies/maids.
Why deny free K-12 public education to illegal aliens? So their parents wouldn't bother to bring them over to the states. Because it cost money to educate them for free. Besides, every country in the world provides free education to it's young citizens. Border states like California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico should not be burdened with educating Mexico's children. That is Mexico's responsibility. If foreigners want to educate their children in the U.S., enroll them in American private schools.

UPDATE: Mickey Kaus tweets:
I think you have 2 reverse a SCOTUS decision 2 do that (deny undoc. kids free k-12 educ). E-verify seems less harsh magnet-ender
Less harsh, but also less effective.

You can't stop poor people from coming to the U.S. to work. You can only limit the types of jobs they can get. Most Americans do not buy the idea that preventing illegal Mexicans from doing agriculture work in the U.S. is  "less harsh". Many admire these people for their willingness to take these difficult, low paying jobs.

What you can do though is stop subsidizing the free stuff for illegal aliens in the future (aka nationalizing Prop 187). Starting with free public education. Because every undocumented kid in public school today will be a future recipient of Dream Act II 15 to 20 years from now (I'm assuming DREAM Act I passes during Obama's 2nd term.)

The ideal immigration reform plan should be similar to Hong Kong's: Allow (poor) workers IN, but keep their children and non-working dependents/spouse OUT (unless said worker can afford private schooling and cost of living expenses for family)

UPDATE: I'd offer a pathway to citizenship to these people 20 years after getting their legalization, but it will depend on whether illegal immigration in the U.S. has dropped significantly since. But I would fasttrack naturalization for those who are outstanding young illegal alien achievers and those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

UPDATE: Hong Kong natives protest recent immigraton ruling on Filipino domestic helpers.

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