Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Can you trust the "Gang of Ocho" on Immigration?

the problem with GOP elites is that most republicans don't trust them on immigration reform. they think the "gang of eight" is going to pass an amnesty plan as quickly as possible before the critics begin to notice the awful parts of the bill.

Hope the GOP elders doesnt "fastbreak" this immigration bill without explaining to the public what's in it first.

Republicans are in a tight spot. If a bill doesn't pass, they will be blamed.

If a bill does pass, they will also be blamed--especially after republican base finds out what is actually in the amnesty bill.

So my advice for the GOP elites are two things

1) do the immigration negotiations OPENLY and PUBLICLY, not in secret, like what the "gang of 8" is doing. Put it on CSPAN. I don't care if democrats grandstand on this issue. let them.

2) Put the finished product amnesty plan to a national referendum.