Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to solve USA's Illegal Immigration Nightmare

1) First, eliminate access to free K-12 public school education for future illegal aliens. This should be minimum required for any immigration reform. Plyler v Doe + Schumer-Rubio guest worker program simply won't work.

2) No more automatic citizenship for children born in the U.S. to 2 non-American parents. Move to Jus Sanguinis. Plug that anchor baby loophole.

3) Once both are done, I would give legal residency and work permits for qualified young adult "Dreamers" who are not recent arrivals. No limits will be placed on the types of jobs they can apply for. 

4) Have a guest worker program with Mexico limited to agriculture sector and those who want to work as nannies/maids.

5) Temporary means temporary. Low Skilled Guest workers should not be given permanent residency if the guest worker program is to work for USA. 

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2 Fox Pundits Against, 1 For the Schumer-Rubio Bill

While Charles Krauthammer and Sean Hannity seems to be against this current bill, Bill O'Reilly has supported it (after getting a call from Marco Rubio.)

Video of Bill O'Reilly supporting the bill (watch both videos).