Friday, October 04, 2013

An Alternative Explanation for Jinggoy's 50 Mil PDAF

hindi ito related kay napoles kickback scam.

ito yung pdaf na na-release sa 2012 sa mga senators between october and december


First off, hindi na kailangan i-bribe ni pnoy ang lahat ng senators na bumoto to convict corona. a majority of senators from PNOY's camp and those anti-GMA estrada camp don't need much convincing to remove GMA's biggest protector in the Supreme Court. Ironically, that would include Jinggoy EStrada, na kaaway ng mga Pidals.

so ito yung mga senator judges. let's categorize them. this is how they leaned before the trial started:
SURE or LEANING vote for Conviction: Alan Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, Drilon, Jinggoy, TG Guingona, Ping Lacson, Loren Legarda, Sergio Osmena, Kiko Pangilinan, Nene Pimentel, Antonio Trillanes, Enrile
Toss ups: Ed Angara, Escudero, Honasan, Tito Sotto, Manny Villar, Ralph Recto 

Likely to vote NO: Joker Arroyo, Miriam, Lito Lapid, Bongbong Marcos, Bong Revilla.

Toss up sila angara, Honasan, ralph recto, sotto at villar dahil dating anti-arroyo ang mga ito na naging pro-arroyo, and vice versa. (many thought villar was GMA's secret candidate in 2010, not gibo teodoro.) difficult to tell about escudero dahil opportunist ito. these guys don't need pork barrel to be convinced, but it doesnt hurt.

Among the Sure OR Likely NO, sila lito lapid at bong revilla ang "gettable" dahil mukhang balimbing ang mga ito (kung sino ang nasa Malacanang, doon sila). Mukhang "buyable".

and like i said, of all the senators, si jinggoy ang hindi na kailangang suholan dahil alam natin ang history ng pamilya niya with the arroyo's/pidals, and by extension GMA's right hand man during her VP days and in the Supreme Court.

so if i needed to bribe the senators, si lito lapid at bong revilla ang priority target ko. among the toss ups, escudero, honasan, sotto may need some grease money. villar is too rich to be bought and he seems to want to rehab his image (stealth GMA prez candidate) by letting her wife run under the PNOY ticket in 2013. angara and recto looks persuadable without resorting to pork.

pero ang nangyari is almost everybody who voted for conviction got some sort of PDAF. sa tingin ko, hindi ito bribe. it's more like rewarding your allies a doing a good job post impeachment, even if many of the SURE convict senators didnt ask for a PDAF bonus. those who voted NO werent denied their pork, but they didnt get additional PDAF bonus.

Nobody was denied their pork (some "self-denied")

even joker who voted NO was given 47 Million for his pet projects in 2013.
Conclusion: it wasnt a bribe, more like a christmas bonus directed at his coalition for doing the right thing.

but having said that, i'm still with ping lacson, abolish all forms of pork in the future. :D