Monday, December 19, 2016

Is China Helping Duterte Destroy Leila De Lima?

 From the Inquirer:

“You know I was the whipping boy of the NGOs (nongovernment organizations) and the human rights stalwarts. But you know I have a special ano kay ano, she is a government official. One day soon, I’ll have to let her go in public and I will have to destroy her in public,” he said.

When asked whom he was referring to, Duterte said: “That’s the riddle there.”

“Just wait. They might have thought that I never listened to them. So, while all the time they were also listening to what I’ve done. I’ve also been busy with the help of another country listening to them,” he said.
Rodrigo Duterte made his statement on August 12, 2016, so in hindsight we can eliminate the USA as a suspect in helping Duterte illegally eavesdrop on the opposition.

Malamang China ang guilty party.

Watch the Chilling Video: