Friday, May 11, 2007

Administration resort to name-calling in tv ads

Guys, panoorin nyo ito. This anti-Opposition ad ran on ABC-5.

I don't care if you're pro-or anti-Arroyo, that ad is ugly and is doesn't offer anything other than name-calling. and the people behind these tv ads thought it was a good ad? i've seen lots of political ads, here and in the US (political junkie, remember?) Some are bad, some good. This one from the admin is just plain awful, and will backfire on TU.

Btw, I want the TU candidates to denounce these dispicable ads. This kind of discourse is ugly, unacceptable, and must be disavowed.

And to think na some tv stations refused to air the opposition's ads on corruption. The opposition ads are harmless compared to some of the vile stuff from TU and the administration.

(no surprise though. hardcore ang admin sa cheating machinery nila. siyempre hardcore rin sila sa mga political ads nila.)


MLQ3 said...

An RJ Jacinto production, apparently, see where it began:

john marzan said...

the people who made these ads are political geniuses, arent they, manuel?

mschumey07 said...


Have seen it over in RJ a month ago before it was released in the other stations. The TUTA's are eating their own sh*t. Not only was it badly done and in bad taste, the GO can answer every accusation in the ad.

Mansions? How about the SF properties?

Gambling? Boxing, cockfights and jueteng.

Sino si Jose Pidal? Sino si M'am ng Hello Garci?

I could a whole lot more.