Sunday, February 29, 2004

2 Lessons

If things remain the way they are, I expect FPJ to win the election in May -- unless GMA disqualifies him or cheats her way to victory.

And with FPJ's impending victory, 2 lessons will be learned -- one for the "civil society" types, the other for the masa voters.

First Lesson -- never oust a democratically elected president by unconstitutional means because the erap voters will only get angry and vote for another "erap endorsed" candidate just to get even and set things right again. Oh, and one other thing, it doesn't help that the replacement you foisted on us in Malacanang is much WORSE and MORE corrupt than her predecessor.

Second Lesson -- something the masa voters never realized because erap's term was aborted prematurely... that popular movie stars, basketball players and newsreaders are not exactly the best qualified candidates for the presidency.

The second lesson will only be learned by the masa voters AFTER they they get to experience the full 6 year term of the FPJ administration (the presumed winner). Instead of settling for somebody they know and trust, tataas na ang standards nila.

Instead of settling for the average, they will want something better... somebody more qualified and more experienced. Trust is still important, but it won't be the only factor anymore.

But they need to experience the full 6 year term of FPJ first before they will come to this realization.

Look, I voted for Roco the last election but I also accepted erap as my president when he won the election in 1998. I personally thought Erap did better than expected when he was president. Ang problema lang nga eh most of those friggin civil society types never respected the will of the voters in 98 and from day one did everything they can to undermine his presidency.

If these Cibil Society jerks only let erap finish his term in office, most of the masa voters will realize that erap is average at best and will want a new kind of leadership after experimenting with a former actor/mayor/senator/VP for president.

Instead of clammoring for another actor, they would be looking for somebody who possesses different qualities like a ping lacson.

Friday, February 27, 2004

My advice to Lacson and Poe

If you notice recently, GMA and her minions are trying very hard to move away from the issue of joseph estrada and edsa dos. Trying very hard to make the masa voters forget what happened at edsa dos.

Notice that the erap trial is currently on hiatus while the election season is under way... so that the masa voters won't be reminded that erap is still being treated like a prisoner... kasi baka magalit ang supporters ni erap eh. ;)

Wag nang magsiraan raw, sabi ng Civil Society. Let's talk about the issues na lang, sabi nila.

This coming from those who for 2 and a half years tried to destroy and use every dirty tricks in the book to destroy erap and undemocratically remove him from power. Then after grabbing power from Erap, these same forces tried the same tactic to destroy Ping.

Now they're warning and lecturing the opposition not to resort to personal attacks.


Yesterday, GMA made a "promise" to erap voters in tondo that she too will give erap a "fair" trial.

Sheah RighT! Obviously GMA is pandering to the masa voters by pretending to be fair to joseph estrada. She KNOWS that edsa dos is unpopular nowadays and memories of that event only remind people of the injustice done to joseph estrada. She KNOWS that mistreating erap will only anger erap's supporters even more.

That's why she pretends to be on erap's side.

Well, now is the time to put that GMA's phoniness to rest.

Ping or/and Poe must expose GMA's trickery. They must remind voters of Edsa dos, what it did to Joseph Estrada, and promise the voters never again WILL THEY ALLOW ANOTHER EDSA DOS TO DESTROY OUR DEMOCRACY.

GMA is muddling the erap issue to confuse the voters. ping and poe needs to make things clear for the masa voters... SO THAT THEY WILL HAVE CLEAR CHOICES... are they gonna vote for someone that will put erap in jail for good or somebody who THE MASA VOTERS CAN TRUST to give erap a FAIR trial?

Poe or ping can start today by going to an area with heavy erap supporters and say something like this: "You know, I told the people that I will wait for the decision of the Sandiganbayan special court before I decide whether to pardon erap or not. But if you ask me kung tama ba ang ginawa ng civil society at ni gloria macapagal arroyo kay erap nung edsa dos, the answer is NO. My personal opinion is that erap is NOT guilty and up to now, the impeachment managers in the past and this administration today still haven't provided any convincing evidence to make me change my mind. The real criminal here is Chavit Singson and the edsa conspirators, not erap...

...Edsa dos did more damage to our democracy than any other event since martial law. Not only is it unconstitutional and undemocratic, but it is also divisive and totally unnecessary...

...Edsa dos did not bring more prosperity or made our country better... lalo lang lumala ang ekonomiya natin at ang peace and order natin at ang graft and corruption...

...Edsa dos is a big failure and we need to correct this failure if we are to succeed and unite again as a nation...

...GMA is edsa dos and edsa dos is GMA. GMA and her cabal from makati conspired to topple erap from power. Siya ang may kasalanan kung bakit tayo watak watak. we can't afford 6 more years of division. We already had 3 years of it under GMA...

Poe can say this: "yes, we will finally give erap justice... justice from edsa dos."

I bet the masa crowd will go wild after hearing that statement.

Sa debate, if they are asked about edsa dos, the can say EDSA dos is
a) divisive
b) unnecessary
c) unconstitutional
d) undemocratic

They can say na edsa made our country worse instead of making it better and hope that filipinos don't go through something that divisive again.

(and ping and poe should not be afraid about offending the civil society voters if they say edsa dos is bad for the country. kahit na anong sabihin nila, they'll never get these civil society votes anyway.)