Sunday, January 20, 2002

Inconsistency sa mga pinagsasabi ni FVR

sa interview ni FVR kay Wilson Lee Flores of Philstar na lumabas ngayon, ito ang sinabi ni tabako nung tinanong siya kung ano ang assessment niya sa governance ni GMA as president:

Flores: Your political allies are among the most vocal critics of President Gloria Arroyo. How do you assess her governance?

Tabako: (Smiles) It’s not yet time to assess, she has been in power less than one year. It’s too premature to really judge her.

Flores: Your allies criticized her for being "obsessed" with winning the 2004 presidential election. Do you share this observation?

Tabako: (Laughs) Wala akong sinabi diyan!

pero ibang iba ang sagot na ibinigay niya sa interview ng Straits Times of Singapore

DONT JUST CARE FOR YOURSELF BEFORE OTHERS... okey ang Singlish ng Straits Times ah!


Only a PLURALITY huh? Here's the Inquirer again trying to minimize Erap's landslide win in 98:
THAT the accession of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to the presidency remains "divisive" is only to be expected, if by divisive we mean continuing criticism from certain sectors. No president -- not even Ramon Magsaysay, who had the largest electoral mandate in our history, and certainly not Estrada, a popular actor who won only a plurality -- can hope to govern with 100-percent support.

Joseph “Erap” Estrada won by a landslide in the 98 presidential elections over the next highest vote-getter, Jose de Venecia, 10,956,610 to 4,390,853 votes with an astonishing 6.6 million vote spread! Even if you combine JdV’s (2nd placer) total votes with another 98 presidential candidate, Raul Roco (3rd placer), with 3,772,505 votes garnered, for a total of 8,163,358 votes, Erap would still win the election!

In the 1953 presidential election, Magsaysay (2,912,992 votes) won over Quirino (1,313,991 votes).

Although, Erap did not get a majority of the votes, his win over other highly qualified and talented rivals IS IMPRESSIVE. Besides, it is very difficult to win by a majority when you have so many big name, high-quality candidates running at the same time (unlike in past elections where there were so many nuisance candidates) Erap ran against the likes of Jose De Venecia, Raul Roco, Lito Osmeña, Renato De Villa, Alfredo Lim and Miriam Santiago! Even Dubya, a very popular candidate, couldn’t win a majority in the Iowa Straw Poll (part of Rep. Primaries), where other Republican presidential wannabes participated in.

And compare this to Ramos’ “victory” over Miriam in 92 where he only got 23% of the votes… PATHETIC!


Friday, January 18, 2002


Yesterday, this site mentioned Erap's new VCD, "Ama ng Masa," and how I so desperately wanted to own a copy of it. This VCD contains, among other things, video clips of Chief Justice Hilario Davide's TV interview on Jan. 20 where he told the interviewer he's going to swear Mrs. Arroyo as "acting president." It also contains video showing GMA taking her oath at the Edsa Shrine "to act as President" of the republic.

But believe it or not, today, we heard reports that the PNP is actively pursuing and arresting anyone who is caught playing Erap's VCD at public gatherings. WHY IS THIS ADMINISTRATION RESORTING TO MARTIAL LAW TACTICS TO SILENCE ERAP AND THE OPPOSITION?

I guess the Arroyo administration doesn't want anyone to hear erap's side on the issues eh?

Ooopss... I have to remind myself to get a copy of the VCD fast before GMA's minions confiscate all remaining copies.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

HOT ITEM: Erap's "Ama ng Masa" VCD

Boy, I'd love to get my hands on a copy of this VCD... OUT OF CURIOUSITY, you see. This VCD is Erap's answer to the many questions concerning Edsa Dos and other issues, like the relevance of the "second envelope," what happened during Erap's Malacañang stay and his eventual ouster. The reason for making the VCD, J.A. Dela Cruz writes in his column, is "to insure that the public is responsibly informed and thus fully understand the events which led to his ouster from Malacañang." The reception from those who saw the VCD has been "very, very positive" daw. Can't wait for my own copy.

WHY EDSA 2 WAS SO WRONG: Read Amado Macasaet's article to better understand the damage the Jan 20 military coup did to our Constitution and respect for Rule of Law.

IN OTHER NEWS: GMA blasts Raul Concepcion... Civil society congressman Butch Abad says Ate Glo needs to boost her EQ (Emotional Quotient), LOL... Rina Jimenez David is disappointed with Mrs. Arroyo... Senators Accuse PNP of Tapping Opposition Phone Lines... Current economic numbers indicate we are worse off than a year before. all I can say to that is, DUH!!!... and is Vice President Guingona set to resign?

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Here's Mike Arroyo's take on the Jan. 20 Coup aka Edsa Dos

Ellen Tordesillas of Malaya reprinted excerpts of the interview with Mike Arroyo by Nick Joaquin in the Philippine Graphic (3/5/2001). In the interview, he talked about a Plan B where elements in the military one by one would withdraw their support from Erap:

"Chavit Singson had Plan B involving elements of the military to strike the first blow. They would kindle the spark by withdrawing from the government, and one by one others would follow: Class '71 would also withdraw, then Class '72, and so forth. But General de Villa warned that the timing had to be precise because one untimely move against the government and the military would automatically defend it. The move must be made at what De Villa called a 'defining moment.'

One wonders what could have happened if Erap did not step down from power and hand over the presidency to Mrs. Arroyo. Here's more from Mike A.:

"Our group there was a back-up strike force. In fact, it was our group that won over to our side the PNP first. If Panfilo Lacson had resisted, he and his men would have been repelled: there would have been bloodshed, but not on EDSA. In every place where Erap loyalists had a force, we had a counter-force to face it, with orders to shoot. And not only in Metro Manila. Carillo had already been sent to the provinces; and in Nueva Ecija, for instance, we had Rabosa. This was a fight to the finish. That's why those five days that Erap was demanding were so important. He was counting on counter-coups and baliktaran."