Monday, August 24, 2009

NoyNoy should run

let's see how far he can go. Alam ko walang primaries sa LP, but if it's clear that he's not better than Mar as a candidate, then he should drop out before the Liberal Party makes their final decision on who should be the LP standard bearer.

I don't agree with de Quiros about his premature Noynoy-Mar ticket, but i'm willing to see Aquino and Roxas participate in debates and hear them out on the issues hanggang maaga pa to see whether Noynoy has what it takes. Then after a few months of observation we'll know if it's Mar-Noynoy, or Noynoy-Mar. Or Mar and another VP.

At least exploring a presidential run will be a good learning experience for Aquino if he decides to run again for higher office in the future.

Another reason why Noy should at least try: to see how far Cory Magic (and what they represent) resonate with voters and help Sen. Aquino during "unofficial primaries" before LP decides whether to commit to Mar or him.