Monday, July 11, 2011

China hardliners to teach Spratly intruders ‘a lesson’

Ellen Tordesillas, writing for Vera Files:

Hardliners in the Chinese Military Academy are raring to teach China’s neighbors "a lesson" for intruding into the South China Sea, which they consider part of their national territory, a Chinese Southeast Asian expert said.

Shen Hong-Fang, professor and senior research fellow at the Center of Southeast Asian studies at Xiamen University, spoke of "a new upsurge" of Chinese nationalism set off by claims made by some Asian countries, including the Philippines, over territory China considers its own.

"Some suggested that it is the right time to adopt necessary measures to teach some countries a lesson," Shen said, startling participants at the two-day Conference on the South China Sea held in Manila last week.

She added there are those who think it justifiable "for China to launch a war against the invaders."

Monday, July 04, 2011

There are 2 ways for a Quiapo dvd revival

1) A new Manila mayor in 2013.
2) A republican president in 2012.

Bush admin early on imposed sanctions on PHI for dvd piracy, but eventually removed sanctions around 2007-08 because they saw how it helped the muslim people earn a living. Since Hollywood and Big Entertainment are anti Republican and conservatives, Republicans usually offer only halfhearted support for anti-movie piracy efforts by liberals in the movie industry.

If a new president (Republican) is in charge in 2012, a new US ambassador will replace the current one. If this is the case then a Quiapo revival will take place. If Lim is replaced by Isko Moreno in 2013, then quiapo will rise from the ashes.