Wednesday, May 02, 2007

`E-VAT isa sa mga pumatay sa industriya ng pelikula'

From the Ang problema ay baka tumaas pa lalo ang buwis natin if TU and Arroyo wins after the 2007 midterms. More here.

(sa totoo lang madadagdagan pa yan dahil sa laki ng taxpayer money ginastos ng admin para ipanalo ang TU at congressional and local bets nila. And don't forget, if TU wins, itutuloy nila ulit ang Charter Change so talagang tataas ulit ang buwis natin.)

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mschumey07 said...

The 1st quarter showed that we have a bigger deficit. It only shows how big the election spending of the administration is. Surely, if Recto wins, a new round of taxes will be pushed. Time and again, Recto said that the EVAT never really affected the poor. How wrong can this farce be?

The inflation is actually arrested by the government's meddling. Prices are dictated to keep the inflation down.