Thursday, May 03, 2007

How to revive old theaters in Manila

Matagal nang nasa isipan ko ito. Kung may pera lang ako, gusto ko sanang buhayin ang mga natitirang old-school theaters sa Recto at Quiapo.

Sayang kasi sila eh. Wala nang pumupunta doon. Puro nasa mall na lang sila. O manood ng pirated na dvd.

Here's what i think needs to be done.

Turn these old theaters into venues that exclusively show old or classic films (hindi yung mga one month old films ha!) Most people have seen old movies on dvd, but have yet to experience it on the big screen. For example, meron akong "2001, A Space Odyssey" at "Blade Runner" sa dvd, pero hanggang tv screens lang tayo. i'd be willing to pay to watch it in a theater though.

The owners of these old theaters have no choice. They can't compete with the mall theaters. And others would rather buy pirated dvds than see a current blockbuster film. If these old theaters don't make the necessary changes, mawawala sila lahat, at sayang naman.

The trick here is to provide something different from what the mall theaters are showing. (counter-programming ba ang tawag diyan?) And to provide a venue for old classics to be shown on the big screen, something your dvd home entertainment system cannot do.

Siguro naman mas mura ang gagastusin ng theater owners kapag lumang luma na ang ipapalabas na pelikula ano?

Here are some of the oldies that i would love to see on the big screen.

1) Any Hitchcock Film
2) Blade Runner
3) Sunset Blvd.
4) 2001 A Space Odyssey
5) the old noir films of the 40s like the Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity
6) old MGM musicals
7) Kubrick films
8) Brian de Palma films
9) Orson Welles films
10) the early Roman Polanski films
11) Old foreign films
12) Faster Pussycat! KILL! KILL!
13) Old Horror Classics
14) Classic B Movies or cult films

Kung may gagawa nito, Maganda sana kung available pa yung mga lumang posters ng mga pelikula na ito. And use the internet, blogs and forums to promote the theater and movie schedules. make the theater show a double feature too para mas masaya.

UPDATE: Allow smoking inside the theaters too.

Pwede rin yung mga ganito ipalabas.


Prince Heinell said...

How about stage plays?

Oo nga, the last time I saw a movie at Galaxy, the movie was Aladdin (Disney movie). Kaso wala na, mukhang di na marerevive.

Buhayin ang Maynila? Atienza sucks.


john marzan said...

stage plays? pwede rin yan, anything na hindi katulad ng mga palabas sa malls. basta wag spiderman 3 or pirates of the carribean at world's end.

too bad lito A couldn't revive the Metropolitan theater.

Prince Heinell said...

The Met is bogged down by ownership issues. Lito A could not do anything about it.