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Adminstration will decide who becomes Senate President???

Eto ang opinyon ko. Since the administration senate bets lost in the last midterm elections, and since the opposition hold the majority in the Senate, syempre dapat sila na ang may control sa Senado, hindi ba? (at ang admin naman ay dapat ma-relegate sa minority status.)

I have no problems with the two candidates vying for the Senate Presidency: Manny Villar and Nene Pimentel.

(Actually, I initially prefered Villar over Pimentel.)

Pero ano itong balita na naririnig ko na just because Villar didn't have the votes necessary within GO and the Opposition to become senate president (malamang mananalo si Nene Pimentel), he shifted to plan B and started courting the admin senators to vote for him as Senate Prez.

And if he becomes senate president with the help of admin senators, ibig sabihin nyan hawak na naman ng arroyo friendly senator ang blue ribbon cmte? Makukuha ni Enrile ang Finance Committee chairmanship? si Miriam naman magiging foreign relations committee chairman?

This is total BS. Senate control should go to the Opposition, and who becomes Senate President should be decided within the group. There's a reason why Republicans usually don't allow Democrats to vote in their their primaries (and vice versa.) Cuz you don't want the other side to decide who your nominee is. There's a reason why the majority party (let's say the democrats) keeps the selection process for the Senate Majority leader and Speaker of the House within the party. Cuz you don't want the REpublicans to mess things up for your party.

Example: Once the dems have decided kung sino ang napili nilang Senate Majority Leader (Harry Reid) at Speaker of the House (Ms. Pelosi), the democrats were united in voting as a block in favor of reid and pelosi, even tho some of the dems are other candidates for majority leader and speaker.

Pero teka teka, maka-administration ka na ba o hindi, Manny V? Hindi ba kasama ka sa GO, you participated in the rallies and GO events? (is this the reason why you only want to be considered as "guest candidate" of GO?)

At yung mga taga opposition na sumusuporta ka Villar for senate president, I have no problems with Chiz, Cayetano and Jinggoy wanting Villar to be Senate Prez. But you have to realize, within the Opposition, you guys are in the minority. The only way Manny Villar becomes Senate President at this point is if he gets help from the administration senators.

C'mon opposition senators, are you gonna allow the admin to select the Senate presidency for the Oppo and regain control of the senate? (and relegating the Opposition to minority status) Kasi ganyan ang mangyayari if you choose not to respect the internal votes within the Opposition and decide to vote with the admin on Villar.

Like ganito:

While he tried to convince reporters that the issue on the Senate presidency is yet to be sealed by Villar, Pimentel and his ranks admitted in a separate press conference that they have “accepted” their fate in serving as the minority bloc in the Senate for the 14th Congress.

How ridiculous is that?

Yung mga democrats at republicans, do they allow the other party (the minority) to decide who becomes their party leaders and who gains control and committee chairmanships?

Think Chiz, think. Think Alan, think! Think Jinggoy, think!

Eto ang dapat nyong gawin. First, determine within the Opposition on who should become senate prez: Manny Villar or Pimentel.

Once that is decided, the GO and opposition senators as a block, should vote uninimously for Pimentel (or Villar).

If the internal votes within GO and the opposition show that Villar would probably not be Senate Prez, then tough, Manny. Respect the vote. Respect the Agreement.

Ano, yung Agreement? Eto siya:

Sabi ni Lacson:

“There’s nothing wrong with our opposition colleagues supporting Villar or Pimentel or whoever from the opposition. What is unacceptable among the eight of us who compose the minority is Villar and the three other senators’ turning their backs on our agreement that we will stay together in the opposition not join the administration camp,” he said.

Villar should respect The Agreement, just like the Opposition respected their agreement with the Liberal Party over Pangilinan.

Villar should be a man of his word, unlike Joker and recto.

UPDATE: Ellen Tordesillas is upset. Words of wisdom from kuya MLQ3.

JB Baylon says the fight over the Senate presidency is all about the 2010 Presidential elections.

UPDATE: The more i think about it, the more I believe Nene Pimentel should be the next senate president. Because aside from being qualified, he:

1) no selfish agendas or any plans to run for president in 2010.
2) is the most acceptable choice within the Opposition.
3) will make the effort to check on the admin's abuses and excesses and make em accountable.

Dagdag ko pa itong open letter ne Enteng Romano sa GO:

A grave mockery of the people's mandate is about to happen. While we gave
the GO slate an overwhelming vote to make the Senate an opposition-dominate d
chamber as a countercheck to the abuses of the GMA administration, the
opposition might still end up as the minority when the 14th Congress opens.

Why? Because this early, some of those whom we voted, perhaps out of
personal ambitions and blind loyalties, are aligning themselves with the
administration bloc to secure the office of the Senate presidency.


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franklyspeaking said...

Why should we waste time appealing to these senators? They know what they're doing. If they decide to collaborate with the administration, fine. If they decide to stay with the opposition and fulfill their campaign promises, fine. Where the weather is fine, doon sila. Kaya nga sila naging pulitiko, papaniwalaan ang tao sa kanilang mga panloloko. At gaano kadalas ang minsan nilang panloloko? .

Ang ganyang gawi ng mga kandidato na matapos nanalo'y lilipat ng partido ay hindi na increbedol ngayon. Pansariling interes na lamang ang naghahari. But there's a wind of change in the pulse of the electorate if we consider the results of the recent midterm elections. The people has become arrogant now and with theri votes, they dumped those candidates identified with somebody who benefited with the garcification of the 2004 elections. Kung itong bagong halal na mga senador ay maligaya sa kanilang pag balimbing, malamang na lungkot at dusa naman ang aabutin nila as muli nilang pagkandidato.

Katulad din ito ng kasabihang ang buhay ay parang gulong ng palad. Minsan nasa ibabaw, minsan, flat tire.