Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Hindi tayo patatawarin ng tao kung matapos nilang iboto ang oposisyon, e ipamigay pa natin sa administrasyon and mayoriya...."

"...Kung sino ang nanalo, siya pang talo."

- Sen. Loren Legarda

UPDATE: I don't think Federico Pascual is pro-Opposition, pero ito ang sinabi niya kay Manny Villar.

I thought Sen. Manuel Villar abandoned the administration in the last elections to run with the Genuine Opposition. I thought that the poll results clearly showed that the people want an oppositionist Senate in the coming 14th Congress.

So why is Villar, who had cast his lot with the GO, playing footsie with the administration minority in the chamber? So he could hold on to his Senate perch that he believes would help catapult him to the presidency in 2010?

That is just the trouble with Villar. He changes political color too often that no one remembers where he is or what he stands for — except for the unchanging fact that he wants badly to become President of the Republic.

But can anyone trust a man without firm loyalties?

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Manila Bay Watch said...

If I read Dik Pascual correctly and I think I can - he is reasonably not pro-Gloria but neither is he a rabid oppositionist.

Dik lost face when Mike Pidal treated him during their China sortie (and on a HK stopover) lamentably. I suppose he can't find it in his heart to forgive da fatso for the affront.