Tuesday, July 24, 2007

UPDATED: I wonder why we're not hearing more from Christian Monsod of One Voice?

He says na importante raw na dapat malinis ang election sa 2007. Marami siyang suggestions kung paano ma-reporma ang eleksyon natin (katulad ng CBCP.)

Pero bakit wala tayong masyadong marinig sa kanya re harap-harapang pagnanakaw ng election sa Maguindanao para kay Zubiri (just like the CBCP too)? How can you do your "reforms" if you are unable to tell it like it is about the Zubiri case. There's a need for "election reforms" daw (duh!), sabi ni Monsod at ng CBCP. Pero pagdating sa Zubiri-Pimentel case, walang kibo ang mga ito. You guys are the masters of the obvious (yes we need "reforms"), but at the same time, you guys are unwilling to condemn blatant cheating right in front of you. Kung hindi nyo kayang i-condemn ang rigged election victory ni Zubiri, why should WE even trust you with reforms (or any other issues that requires HONESTY and INTEGRITY?) O baka naman sa tingin nya ay lehitimo ang pagkapanalo ni Meegz? Noted ba Christian?

Importante ba talaga ang malinis na halalan, o salita lang ito para sa iyo?

next, we'd see Winnie write another article claiming Zubiri was the real winner. lol.


Manila Bay Watch said...

Baka may laryngitis...

mschumey07 said...

Pareho lang pala sila ni 'da queen, puro dakdak, wala namang gawa.

MLQ3 said...

i haven't talked to him since koko pimentel's 1st appearance at the sc. but one voice as you know, was a prime mover in organizing lente, which helped hold the line and expose what was going on in maguindanao. i don't think i'm betraying in confidences in pointing out monsod was helping to advise lente during that time.

i think the efforts past-election will revolve around the final findings of halal marangal.

john marzan said...

okay, thanks manuel.

i hope next time when mr. monsod and the CBCP lament about election fraud, they be more specific and be less afraid in naming names like the so-called "senator" zubiri