Monday, September 17, 2007

Apostol to Erap: "Forget Appeal, Ask for Pardon."

From Malaya:

CHIEF presidential legal counsel Sergio Apostol has unsolicited advice to former President Joseph Estrada: Let the guilty verdict become final and executory then apply for presidential pardon.

Apostol yesterday said Estrada is eligible for pardon because he is already 70 years old.

He said applying for pardon takes a shorter time than appealing the decision of the anti-graft court, and if denied, moving on to the Supreme Court.

"Mas maganda na tanggapin na niya. Kung mag-file sila ng appeal kasi gusto nila na ma-declare na walang kasalanan. That means gusto nila na masabing walang kasalanan. E ganun di naman yung pardon, di ba, napapawalang-sala sila?" he said.

Wow. This Apostol guy is a genius, ano?

But does erap even have to apply for a presidential pardon when the admin is secretly hoping erap accepts a presidential pardon?

besides, the Memorandum Circular 155 is already in place, specifically written with erap in mind.

So, tigilan na natin ang kabuki dance, please.

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mschumey07 said...

Talaga naman itong apostle ni Gloria...