Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Joker to PDI: Name your 4 sources!

Ah... now joker is trying to get the PDI reporter into giving up the names of her sources. Sana hindi bumigay ang PDI.

Senator Joker Arroyo has filed a resolution seeking to identify the four senators who revealed what had transpired in a Senate executive session with Romulo Neri, chairman of the Commission on Higher Education and former director-general of the National Economic and Development Authority.

A banner story of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, parent company of, on Sunday identified Senator Arroyo as the one who tried to stop Neri from revealing the complete story about the controversial $329-million deal with the Chinese company ZTE Corp. over the national broadband network project. The report cited four separate sources, which Senator Arroyo assumed were fellow senators.

In an earlier interview with DZMM, Senator Arroyo denied the allegations in the report.

“It’s a complete falsehood,” he told Senate reporters later. “There are two things here, either nakuryente si Juliet [Juliet was fed a false story] or somebody’s telling a lie among the senators. The four sources cannot be other than four senators. The Senate should investigate it, otherwise, wala ng maniniwala sa amin [nobody would believe us anymore].”

Arroyo was referring to Inquirer reporter Juliet Javellana.

Siguro mahirap paniwalaan ang report ng PDI kung isang source lang. But four sources?


Arbet said...

Why can't Joker admit who's his daddy?

manuelbuencamino said...

tuPalagay ko kay Joker nanggaling ang text messages tungkol sa nangyari sa executive privilege tapos natanggap ito ng reporter so she called up at least 4 senators for confirmation at yung mga nagconfirm ang naging source nya. Or it could have been Andaya who leaked it knowing that a good reporter will follow up the story.

john marzan said...

Between Joker and PDI (+4 sources), i'm more inclined to believe the accuracy of PDI's reporting on Joker's role at executive session.

As long as PDI's report is accurate, that's all that matters.

Gusto lang ni Joker malaman ang sources ng PDI para gumanti siya sa apat na yon. I hope PDI doesn't give in to this bully.

Kung gusto talaga malaman ni joker ang sources ng PDI, ipakulong niya ang reporter na nagsulat nong article na yon, katulad ng nangyari kay Judith Miller ng NYT.