Monday, October 15, 2007

UPDATED: Thoughts on second Clinton presidency

Prediction: Hillary will be a two-term presidency. Obama will not be her Vice Presidential candidate. Her Vice will probably be New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

And she will be the third president (and second Clinton) to be impeached for Corruption and Abuse of Power.

Her administration will be as tough and ruthless against the Republicans as she will be against Al Queda terrorists. And that's a big problem. Her administration will use the gov't resources to spy and eavesdrop on Republicans, and they will be caught. If you think "FileGate" was bad (where First Lady Hillary was involved), things will be worse under madam president Clinton.

UPDATE: "Fading memory has helped some to forget about the Clintons, their political machine and their ruthlessness." (ht althouse)

Bonus Shot: The Church and Arroyo's natural allies in the media (like SassyLawyer and Austero) will be more involved in 2010. They will try to "redeem" themselves by focusing once again on "good government", "fighting corruption and criminality" and "reforms". The main target of their anger will probably be Lacson, or any candidate associated with Erap. Bibirahin rin nila si Noli kung tatakbo ito, but not with the same intensity and venom them reserve for the Opposition. And you just feel guys like Villegas and Rosales are just itching to get even... lol.


mschumey07 said...

I believe what you say about the church. This is the reason why Rosales and Gloria meet regularly. I hope you read my two recent posts about the church.

I'll give you a bonus, GSIS, SSS and government bonds. Try to link these institutions with the church's plans to consolidate church finances.

Parishes will no longer have the funds for their social work as the church leaders will now control disbursements. If you have connections to the RCAM, the church's auditing arm, you will find out more.

john marzan said...

I read your post. Business at profit minded na rin pala ang Simbahan.

mschumey07 said...

Oh yes they are and a bit more. Na shock din ako when my source confided this to me. He has now put a distance from the church dahil nasusuka siya sa kapal ng mukha ni Rosales.

Another bishop to watch out for is Cortez who threw Doble and Ong out of San Carlos. Kasama siya sa meetings. BIR is somehow connected to this and so is a private bank.

john marzan said...

cortez o si soc villegas ang tinutukoy mo?

mschumey07 said...

Cortez, Villegas merely facilitated or should I say conveyed the message. Cortez had the last say about the whole matter. He is closely working with Rosales on the church's dealing with Malacanang.