Monday, November 05, 2007

Cardinal Rosales: Give Arroyo's COMELEC Appointee Macarambon a chance

From Manila Standard Today:

Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales yesterday asked critics of the appointment of Iligan City Judge Moslemen Macarambon to give the Malacañang appointee the benefit of the doubt. Rosales said that the designation of Macarambon was apparently the result of a selection process. “I heard there was a committee in Malacañang that selects who should qualify and that was what the President did through that committee,” the Manila prelate said. But he declined to elaborate when asked if he knew the members of the selection committee.

I don't trust Cardinal Rosales . And whenever he injects himself on any political issue, his statements causes skepticism in me instead of reassures.

And I certainly don't trust Arroyo.

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DJB Rizalist said...

off topic but I did spot blanquita pelaez today at the podium. Ye gads, she looked terrible. must be erap's pardon or something...

john marzan said...

what's up with blanquita, dean?

john marzan said...

naaah, si lacson ang mortal na kaaway niya, hindi si erap.

Equalizer said...

The prevailing culture of impunity gives a wrong sense of power or creates a situation conducive to the abuse of power without any legal consequences. The prevailing feeling within the GMA administration is that they "can get away with anything" by simply issuing denials, making cover-ups or creating distractions ( example: the new "Cha-Cha" move) , distortions by the usual spin doctors and ,of course, bribery attempts.

Equalizer said...

I’m 100% convinced that Gloria will do a Marcos and declare martial law to perpetuate herself in power for the following reasons:

1)George W. Bush will not disagree.Therefore she must do it while he is still in power.(The next American President may be a Democrat and may not tolerate her move if she makes the move after 2008).

2)The Neocons and ex-generals dominate the cabinet (Gonzalez, Puno, Ermita,Reyes,Mendoza, Ebdane ,etc.)

3)The “Genuine Opposition” AND Erap have been co-opted.

4)$100/ barrel cost of oil will have very adverse economic consequences.

5)She will use the “threat of terrorism” as a pretext.

6)Cardinals Rosalesand Vidal will insist on a "critical collaboration" with the martial law regime.

7)Gloria's conscience will be her guide.

baycas2 said...

more on the JUDGE:

SC Twice Ruled Against New Comelec Exec