Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Early Thoughts on 2010 Presidential Race

I believe Corruption will be the main issue in 2010. People want change, and not a return to the status quo. They want more transparency. The COMELEC needs to be fixed and somebody needs to root out the corrupt and the criminal operators within the body to regain people's trust.

I like Lacson but I have to admit he's not the favorite for now to win the Presidency. Si Mar Roxas at si Manny Villar ang 1-2 sa presidential race. Third si Lacson. As for Legarda, i'd put her at number 4 for now. and Noli at 5th place.

I guess one thing going for Lacson is his campaign against wasteful spending and pork barrel politics. If you're disgusted with the amount of money being thrown around by this administration to bribe governors and congressmen and want to put a stop to it, then you should take a second look at Lacson.

And unlike Mar Roxas (who I like) and Manny Villar, who I don't trust--the guy pretty much gave the administration control of the senate and most of the important committees in exchange for the senate presidency--Lacson has been a consistent and vocal opposition since day one.

(Roxas btw, only became an official "opposition" senator after the 2007 elections after fence-sitting on the Garci issue most of the time.)

While it is not inconceivable for Roxas, Villar or Legarda to flip flop from being "opposition" to becoming an administration bet, I don't see it happening with Lacson.

(Paano lilipat sa administration sila Roxas, Villar or Legarda? Ganito. Let's say napagkasunduan ng Opposition (o si Erap) na si Roxas ang magiging Opposition bet para sa 2010, I wouldn't be surprised if Villar or Legarda suddenly switched sides and started jockeying with each to become GMA's annointed. Pusta! Ganyan rin ang mangyayari kung si Villar naman ang napili na maging Opposition standard bearer. kung decided na ang opposition bet, sila Legarda at Roxas ang magsasabunutan para makuha ang endorso ng Malacanang.)

At habang maaga pa, gusto ko lang sabihin kay Lacson na hindi niya makukuha ang endorso ni Erap, just like in 2004. The sooner he realizes that, the better. It doesn't mean na he should sever his ties the opposition, but he will be disappointed again kung iniisip niya ulit na makukuha niya ang suporta ni Erap. He has to be prepared to run without erap's endorsement, kung balak niyang tumakbo sa 2010.

MORE: And what to do with Arroyo, the COMELEC and wiretapping should also be one of the issues in 2010. I want all candidates to weigh in on these issues. This should be make for intersting debate. AND there WILL be presidential debates this time. I hope the format will be similar to the one implemented on FOXNEWS for the last Republican candidates' debate in florida this month.

MORE: Filipino voters also want candidates who can reach out to the other side and work with people they disagree with (and i'm not talking about that phony Villar.) Lacson should pledge that if he's elected, he is willing to appoint opponents or competent people from the other side to important positions in government.

Filipino voters I believe are tired of the same old dirty campaigns and want candidates to run a more positive campaign. Not the type of BS we saw during 2004 where the administration used phony documents to question FPJ's citizenship. Or 1998, when FVR released ex-con/kidnapper Rey Berroya early to make false accusations about Erap being a "kidnapping mastermind."

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