Thursday, November 22, 2007

UPDATED: "The Senate President wants his Senate to investigate. Tama na, please. Wala namang mangyayari."

They will just invoke executive privilege and all kinds of other excuses. And if they do appear, they will just lie before your senators. There are after all at least three of your senators who will abet any form of lying, accept all obfuscations, and even bellicosely treat whoever dares to tell the truth in that chamber.

- Lito Banayo, on the World Bank accusations of irregularities.

Yup, walang kwenta talaga yang Senate President natin na yan. In bed kasi si Villar sa administration, kaya marami sa mga importanteng committee chairmanship ay napunta sa administration--which SHOULD NOT have been the case kung hindi niya inilagay ang personal ambitions niya ahead of the opposition goals. Kaya hanggang ngayon, FECKLESS pa rin ang senado under villar's leadership pagdating sa administration abuses and obstruction of justice attempts even though nanalo ang opposition sa senate elections (although the maguindanao situation didn't help.)

If Villar can't stand up against EO 464, if the senate is under his compromised leadership is being given the run around by the Arroyo admin, then Villar is one person I feel will not bring any meaningful changes if he replaces Arroyo.

Ang taong namamangka sa dalawang ilog... that person I don't trust.

UPDATE: Besides, Mr. Villar, wouldn't this only add more to the "political bickerings" kung iimbestigahan pa nyo yan?

UPDATE: How Manny Villar set the neophyte Sen. Cayetano up for failure by making his job a LOT harder.

And it's obvious that Lacson should have been the Opposition appointee to the Blue Ribbon committee position. Just sayin.

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mschumey07 said...

Even with his wealth, I don't think Villar will ever be president. Buking na siya ng lahat ng tao.