Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What about Jun Lozada's legal bills?

I don't know if he has lawyers working for him pro bono, but I hope there's a way for ordinary people to offer donations to Jun Lozada. I'd be willing to personally donate money to tide him over this difficult period. Are there any Internet fundrasing systems set up for Lozada to accept online donations from overseas Filipinos? Paypal? via Snail Mail?

Malaki kasi ang kaaway niya eh. Gobierno.

UPDATE: Info on the Lozada Sanctuary Fund (tip from mlq3)

Castalone said the money that will be generated from the fund-raising activity will also be used to aid other whistleblowers on government corruption cases.

Meanwhile, she called on the people to help Lozada, as they anticipate other forms of harassment to be thrown his way.

Donations to the AMRSP Sanctuary Fund may be sent to the AMRSP Secretariat, 28 Acacia Street, New Manila, Quezon City, at tel. nos. 724-4434 and 448-5644.

They may also be deposited directly to MBTC Account No. 3259-07445-3, under the account name AMRSP Special Funds (Sanctuary Fund)


MLQ3 said...

here's details on the fund:


john marzan said...

thanks, manuel. it's not much, but i want to donate P500 to the Lozada Defense Fund.