Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Warrant of arrest for Jun Lozada's wife filed by PNP

From Ellen Tordesillas:

Sr Estrella Casteleone forwarded to me this text from Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, star witness in the NBN/ZTE scandal:

A warrant of arrest was issued for Violet from the Regional Trial Court in connection with the complaint filed by the PNP and Mascariñas.

We are posting bail. Violet is down.

They are trying to break me by hitting Violet.

The names of the prosecutors: John Erick Flordeliza, Joseph Guevarra, and Jessica Junsay-Ong.

Violet was charged by the PNP of perjury for filing a petition for habeas corpus for Lozada when her husband was kidnapped upon his arrival from Hongkong last Feb. 6.

Mascariñas is Police Senior Superintendent Paul Mascariñas whom Jun Lozada he met in a restaurant with lawyer Antonio Bautista when he was being given driven around. They even reached Laguna.

If you think just because the ZTE scandal has died down, the administration will let sleeping dogs lie, you're sadly mistaken. They are vindictive grudge-holding people who should have been thrown out of malacanang a long time ago after Hello Garci.

And this is their payback time.

Hope this serves as a warning and a lesson to ping lacson, jejomar binay and others, lalo na pag-election time na naman ulit sa 2010.

I'm glad the sisters are with Lozada, but the Bishops are with Arroyo. So talo pa rin si Lozada.

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