Sunday, August 31, 2008

Devastating Dem ad vs McCain in the future

If the septuagenarian McCain is unable to finish his term, will the trailer-park, former beauty queen governor be ready as Commander-in-Chief? Does she belong in the White House?

Game over.

Sure, sure the crazies at Religious Right loved this pick, like James Dobson, but these religious conservatives will not be able to help retain much less win new seats for the Republicans in the Senate or the House in a heavily democratic year. This is the year the Dems might get 60 seats in the Senate, fer cryin out loud.

It's a reckless pick by McCain, no doubt about it. It shows lack of judgment. Country First? No Way. Baka Identity politics at political opportunism.

So now that McCain has blundered into selecting Palin, what's next? Can he still win?

1) yes, if Obama performs disastrously in the debates.

2) maybe, by going more negative.

Maybe Gov. Palin can all do us a favor and do an Eagleton, fake a nervous breakdown, and quit the race, so that mccain can replace him with somebody more qualified.

UPDATE: Sarah, sarah, sarah... you are out of your league in this arena. And you know it. You and your trailer park husband should have said NO to the McCain.

This pick will destroy the McCain brand. and it will destroy you. it will not help the republicans from avoiding the complete wipeout they deserve in November. I hope this anticipated debacle will push the Crazy Religious Right to the fringes.

Congrats Obama. 8 years.

Charles Krauthammer calls McCain's Palin pick "near suicidal."

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