Saturday, August 02, 2008

Lacson accuser Blanquita Pelaez recants

and says Malacanang made her do their dirty work.

This is just a reminder of how evil this administration was back then. But you wouldn't know judging from the way some of the Bishops and the likes of Bong Austero throw themselves defending Arroyo.

at the same time, this doesn't absolve ms pelaez from the lies she and this adminstration concocted to smear lacson. If I were lacson, I would sue her and start impeachment proceedings on this corrupt admin.

And what is the deal with Christine Herrera? She's the former Inquirer reporter who "broke" the story of Lacson's "secret" "billion dollar" bank accounts using Pelaez as source. The story looked fishy from the very beginning (especially if read in paragraph 13 of that same article.)

Anyway, nung lumipat si Herrera sa Manila Standard Today, the bitch was again involved with Blanquita Pelaez in another "scoop", this time about Estrada and Joelle Pelaez and money laundering. I wonder if this story is bogus too. hmmm.... let me think.

but even before the pelaez mea culpa, ricky carandang was able to dissect the pelaez story and correctly determined the charges against erap were bogus. her admission only confirms what we knew all along.

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