Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reviewing the debate

I think McCain had a good start, but Obama eventually owned him on the issue of economics. McCain is one-note. All he wanted to talk about was cutting spending and earmarks! and McCain started slow on national security (particularly on Iraq) but got better and better as the debates moved forward.

The Verdict: Even. Obama won on the issue of the Economy. McCain won the National Security part.

More: This is good news for Obama to go even with mccain in round 1 on foreign policy and national security because this is mccain's forte, and for him to get a tie is beating CW expectations.

From Kaus: McCain's small victory

UPDATE: Many feel mccain lost in the debates because the economy weighed more than national security among voter concerns, and obama did better on economic issues.

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klezmerj said...

I just happened upon your blog and I thought this one was particularly interesting. You thought McCain won something in that debate? really? Obama owned him on Iraq. Even if they scored "even" on that part, this was supposed to be mccain's turf so point goes to obama.