Thursday, October 09, 2008

Disagree with Ross Douthat

He offers this suggestion for McCain:

Okay, smart guy, you might say: If the Ayers-related attacks on Obama have limited utility, and attacking bad guys in Washington and Wall Street isn't much help either, then what should John McCain be doing?

Six words: Aggressive pandering to the middle class.

Actually, McCain should do the opposite. He should offer a responsible, non-pandering economic proposal to this serious financial crisis, as if he's already President McCain instead of Candidate McCain who wants your votes--even if the proposal may be less popular than Obama's.

Tell the voters what they need to hear. Don't tell them what they want to hear just to buy/collect their votes.

The Surge in Iraq wasn't popular when first implemented in 2007, but McCain disregarded the polls and the pressure from Democrats to abandon Iraq.

Now he needs to apply a similar approach on the Economy. "I'd rather lose a campaign than offer popular vote-getting "economic solutions" that I will never implement once i'm in office."

Show some political courage and responsibility.

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