Thursday, October 02, 2008

"We helped bankrupt the banks. Now we're doing the same thing for health care!"

From Mickey Kaus:

What does mental health "parity" legislation, which has now been incorporated into the big "rescue" bill passed by the Dem-controlled Senate,, have to do with the nation's financial crisis? .. . P.S.: Actually, the thinking behind the push for "parity" and the now-questionable decades-long push to extend mortgages to "underserved" groups seems eerily parallel: 1) Stodgy/greedy old bankers say they can't afford to lend to minorities who don't meet traditional mortgage criteria. But we have a noble social goal to fulfill and we know they're wrong! ... 2) Stodgy/greedy old health plan administratiors say they can't afford to cover hard-to-diagnose mental problems (anxiety) and substance abuse to the same extent as they cover easy-to-diagnose physical problems. But we have a noble social goal

That's their plan to socialize everything.

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