Friday, November 14, 2008

Condi and Hillary's new Hairdos

Condoleezza Rice's new look
Condoleezza Rice's New look
Condoleezza Rice's New look 2

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton's New look

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Peter Dow said...

Hi John,

I have just watched on British television a report on the situation in the Philippines.

This report entitled "Philippines' Dirty War" paints a very disturbing situation with assassinations and "disappearances" of trade union representatives and other leftist types by death squads within the Philippines military.

This situation is characteristic of a state which is behaving like a fascist dictatorship on behalf of the ruling elite.

Now whether these death squads are operating with or without the knowledge and agreement of the head of state, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is not relevant as to whether she is up to the job - clearly Arroyo is not suitable as a president and must go - clearly either she is an evil fascist dictator and the death squads are operating with her consent or she is grotesquely incompetent by not setting up a powerful military police unit to eliminate the death squads within the military.

Therefore the position of President Arroyo cannot be supported by supporters of freedom and democracy worldwide. She must resign, be impeached or be removed by any means necessary.

I am advising that the state under Arroyo is incompetent, illegitimate and a state of civil war may be declared and generally recognised.

Patriotic soldiers within the Filipino military loyal to Filipino freedom and democracy, loyal to the people and the nation of the Philippines I would encourage them and explain to them that in this state of civil war it is necessary to SHOOT ON SIGHT any military personnel reasonably suspected of membership of the death squads.

If suspected members of death squads are taken prisoner and the state is corrupt as I suspect, then they will simply be released to murder again. Therefore shoot members of death squads dead summarily, on sight.

I am sorry it has come to this, but matters have gone too far to allow this situation to continue as is.

Human rights must be respected and if elements in the state and the military are disrespecting human rights and murdering people they don't like then THEY ARE the enemy.

Once the death squads have been eliminated and Arroyo removed from power, new elections for President should be held. Best of luck to the Filipino people at this most difficult of times.

Love and best wishes,
- Peter Dow
Owner, Rice for President Yahoo Group