Monday, November 17, 2008

Lito Banayo's blog

wish it was more "bloggy." Puro Malaya articles lang kasi ang laman eh.

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andy said...

We read all news items about the road to nowhere controversy including your article in Malaya.

We are in utter disbelief with how our very own representative and the self described pride of Las Pinas defended himself and his business interests.

Almost everybody in our baranggay Manuyo are aware that Senate President Villar is the main proponent of the controversial road. We don't have any problem with that because the road project is good for us. But what really bothers us is the way Senator Villar denies any direct knowledge about the project and the pay offs.

We are residents of a subdivision in Las Pinas, very near where the project was constructed. All lands affected by the road project are all saltbeds and fish ponds. It means that the lands need a lot of land fills before they can develop it. When the project begun sometime when the senator was still the speaker, the saltbeds is sold at 400 pesos for every square meter. But now, with the old saltbeds almost level with the road, the price of the lands has gone up to 13,000 pesos per square meter based on the media reports. All the undeveloped lands in our baranggay are practically owned by the companies of Senator Villar because some are under the so called joint venture. They are lying if they will not admit it.

But what really bothers us is the fact that the old saltbeds were filled by garbage and not by land fill. They cannot hide it because the garbage are still there, one needs only to excavate to prove it. Before, the Senator built a firing range within those lands to serve as the headquarters of their guards and engineers. They cannot deny it because the firing range is well known before they decided to close it and all residents of our subdivision near to the firing range have been complaining about the noise created by the gunshots.

We hope that the public will get all the correct stories about this road controversy. All the investigators need to do is to give Senator Villar a dose of his own medicine, Sipag at Tiyaga in investigation, and soon the real story will come out.

More power to you Sec. Banayo.