Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Rehabilitation of Sarah Palin's Image

From Marc Ambinder:
Wonder why Sarah Palin is everywhere? It's not because she IS running in 2012. It's because, in order for her to think about running, she has to change the way that non-Republicans see her. It's a precondition.

Because Democrats and Independents just don't like her.



Nothing to do with Democrats or Independents not liking or liking her. I think her being completely way over her head has also turned off die-hard Republicans

I personally liked her when I first heard her speak at the RNC. But that "infantuation" disappeared when I learned more about her and after she failed the interview with Couric. She's just not VP material, let alone Prez material. Gotta be bonkers mad to vote someone who's as clueless and as incompetent -- if not more -- as Bush.

Vigilante said...

I personally love her Palin for Prez 2012. I love the idea of that candidacy.

john marzan said...

she's already thinking about running for the alaskan senate seat.