Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Migz Zubiri should have done what Mike Defensor and Ralph Recto did

and conceded four years ago. Alam kasi nila Defensor at Recto na "mananalo" sila via come-from-behind kung itinuloy nila ang laban. Naalala ko yung decent-sized lead ni Koko Pimentel sa vote count na nawala after all the "votes" in Maguindanao were counted. Maguindanao "delivered" a 12-0 win for the Adminstration's Team Unity's senatorial bets.

Mike Defensor Faces Defeat With Dignity

Yesterday (May 30, 2007), the administrator’s top defender former Chief of Staff Mike Defensor conceded defeat in the yet unconcluded midterm Senatorial race. According to Defensor, he did so in order “to ease tension” and to discourage his supporters (and in essence Team Unity [TU]) from committing “acts inimical to the essence of democracy and fair play in an electoral battle.”
Why would Defensor (and Recto) concede early kung hindi pa tapos ang bilangan sa Maguindanao?

Here's Zubiri trying to act like an asshole in 2010.

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