Monday, December 19, 2016

Is China Helping Duterte Destroy Leila De Lima?

 From the Inquirer:

“You know I was the whipping boy of the NGOs (nongovernment organizations) and the human rights stalwarts. But you know I have a special ano kay ano, she is a government official. One day soon, I’ll have to let her go in public and I will have to destroy her in public,” he said.

When asked whom he was referring to, Duterte said: “That’s the riddle there.”

“Just wait. They might have thought that I never listened to them. So, while all the time they were also listening to what I’ve done. I’ve also been busy with the help of another country listening to them,” he said.
Rodrigo Duterte made his statement on August 12, 2016, so in hindsight we can eliminate the USA as a suspect in helping Duterte illegally eavesdrop on the opposition.

Malamang China ang guilty party.

Watch the Chilling Video:

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Connect the Dots, Judge is biased

so this partisan judge wanted to cause trouble at convention and prevent trump from reaching 1237

Judge sets Trump University hearing for first day of GOP convention
April 26, 2016

but events did not go as planned,

Ted Cruz drops out of the race, effectively avoiding nasty brokered GOP convention
May 4, 2016


Judge reschedules Trump University trial
May 6, 2016

do you see it now?

Monday, March 07, 2016

Biggest Tactical Mistake Marco Rubio Made in the Primaries

Him siding with Trump when Cruz and Donald were finally going after each other. So instead of remaining neutral or siding with Cruz, Rubio and Trump both went into an alliance and called Cruz a liar.

Now Cruz is going to return the favor by campaigning in Florida, in effect, to help Trump win and finish off Little Marco.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

GOP establishment trying to steal the elections from the base

 What is happening right now

1) Rubio knows has no chance of getting the nomination but GOP establishment wants him to stay in the race to deny Trump the delegates he needs to secure the nomination.

2) The Establishment doesnt want Trump or Cruz to win the nomination, so a brokered convention is a way to bypass the two--and Cruz knows this.

3) Kasich will be presented as the consensus compromise pick of the elites if none of the 4 get to 1,247 delegates. Notice that he hasnt taken a swipe at Donald yet, unlike suicide bomber Rubio and Ted Cruz. Also note that the RNC convention will be held in Ohio.

4) I predict Trump will win the nomination. Rubio will be his VP/Apprentice. Christie will get Attorney General, and Cruz will replace Scalia.