Friday, April 30, 2004

What Randy David Said

Randy David:

I know many level-headed people in GMA's camp who have been fighting for good governance all their lives. But they are not protesting against the squandering of public money in a time of grave budgetary deficit because perhaps they see this as the only way to neutralize the misuse of charisma to elect an unfit government. In effect, they close their eyes to everything that violates their firmest advocacies in order to prevent what they perceive to be a greater wrong from happening. That is how moral and ideological bottom-lines are re-drawn, how social activists end up becoming subservient political technicians.


Ganyan naman sila eh, from the time na lumabas ang balita ng IMPSA scam (this awful contract was immediately signed 4 days after GMA's innauguration) to Jose Pidal, these people have turned a blind eye to GMA's corruption. A perfect example of "nagbubulag-bulagan" is your newspaper -- the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

May tawag sa mga tao na binanggit mo Randy.

They're called HYPOCRITES.

Naalala mo nung panahon ni Marcos, sabi nila okey lang bumoto sa "walang alam" at "walang experience" na Housewife because Marcos is so corrupt and evil.

Let's use "popularity" to beat Marcos, they say, even though Cory only got her popularity because she is the widow of Ninoy Aquino.

At that time, there were many qualified and experienced candidates from the opposition. They could have chosen Doy Laurel or Joker Arroyo or Nene Pimentel, Franklin Drilon to run against Marcos, but no... they went for the "popular" dumb housewife instead.

Now jump to 2004. We have a fake president who's more corrupt than erap. An FG Mike Arroyo who's way more corrupt than the previous First Lady.

Our economy is in worse shape than during the previous administration. We've been borrowing and spending like drunken sailors. Record highs in foreign borrowings.

Our media has been constantly attacked by the GMA administration. It was the worst I've seen since Marcos' time.

Kidnappings and other criminal activities are the worst it has ever been since FVR's time. Most of the re-instated police officers that were dismissed during Lacson's tenure are back in the Kidnapping business.

(Angelo Reyes TO THIS DAY still refuses to answer VERY SIMPLE questions on whether he personally knew some of the slain kidnappers and is now in hiding... kaya pala wala na tayong masyadong naririnig na "announcement" galing kay reyes na may "nahuli" na naman silang mga kidnappers, ano?)

But these civil society types now want us to vote for the corrupt GMA because they are afraid of FPJ, who is also "walang alam" like the dumb housewife.

First of all, wala nang tatalo kay GMA sa corruption (except Marcos maybe). Walang laban si FPJ kay GMA sa department na yan. GMA is even worse than Erap.

And a potential FPJ administration is going to be less corrupt than the one we have right now. People keep saying, FPJ may be clean but the people around him like Angara and Sotto are "corrupt" (without specifying).

Huh? compared to who? Jose Pidal, Nani Perez, Efraim Genuino and Honeygirl Singson?

Sabi nila -- A potential FPJ administration will ruin the Philippines. I don't think so. How can you ruin something that is already destroyed by GMA's ineptitude? I don't think FPJ's people will make the same mistake GMA and Cory made.

It was the Pidal family's greed that ruined the Philippines. It was their cronies like CODENGO that fleeced the Filipino people. Inuna muna ni GMA ang pangsariling interest nila bago inasikaso ang bayan.

While a potential FPJ admin is far from the ideal, I don't think they'll do as badly as GMA.

I won't vote for FPJ. But if I were forced to choose between GMA and FPJ -- I'm voting to fire GMA out of office and hopefully watch her march out of malacanang in handcuffs.

And to those pro-GMA "do-gooders" who claims to want a clean government and corrupt free government pero nagbubulag-bulagan sa garapal na pangungurakot ni GMA... the next time you or the PDI complain about erap's "corruption" or "corruption" sa FPJ administration, wala nang maniniwala sa inyo.

Credibility is very important, and right now, nasa basurahan na ang credibilidad ninyo on this issue.

For these people, the issue is not whether the candidate is extremely corrupt (GMA) or extremely incompetent and inexperienced (Housewife Cory) -- but whether the candidate is on THEIR SIDE (kakampi) or on the "OTHER SIDE" (kaaway).

Kawawa talaga ang mga ito. I think they are suffering from "cognitive dissonance."

cognitive dissonance (kog?ni-tiv dis??-n?ns) noun

A condition of conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistency between one's beliefs and one's actions.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Raul Roco and John Kerry

While the pro-GMA attack machine like PDI are really piling on Raul Roco to either pressure him to quit or ruin him para mapunta kay GMA ang boto niya -- dito sa US naman, may isang leading presidential candidate rin ang tumatakbo sa pagka-presidente... even though he too has Prostate Cancer like Raul Roco.

His name is John Kerry.

WASHINGTON -- Sen. John F. Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, will undergo surgery Wednesday for early-stage prostate cancer that he insists won't impede his campaign for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination.
Kerry, 59, held a late afternoon press conference Tuesday to announce his illness. The operation will take place at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and be performed by Dr. Patrick Walsh, chief of urology. The doctor plans to remove Kerry's prostate gland during a two-hour procedure. Kerry will be sedated via spinal anesthesia.

Kerry said he felt lucky that his cancer was detected at an early enough stage to be treated by surgery. His doctors predict he has a 95 percent chance of being cancer-free in a decade, a prognosis based on his early detection, he said.

"The reason I feel lucky is I'm going to be cured," he said.

He said he plans to be back home in Washington by Saturday and fully recovered within two weeks. The surgery will not slow down his campaign efforts, he said.

Meanwhile, tuloy ang laban versus corruption and Jose Pidal, sabi ni Roco.

PRESIDENTIAL candidate Raul Roco arrived in Manila at 11 a.m. to resume his campaign for the country’s highest post after going to the US to seek medical treatment.

In a press conference, Roco announced he is still running for president despite his illness. Roco said he has benign prostate cancer, which caused him to suffer chronic back pain for the past weeks. But Roco said his ailment is curable.

Roco said he will continue his bid for the presidency because he wants to give voters an alternative. He also said he wants to free the country from the clutches of poverty.

God Bless you, Raul Roco!

Poor Roco, Kinakawawa ng mga Pro-GMA media surrogates

On the day na uuwi na si Roco sa Pilipinas and before making any formal announcements about his plans for the campaign, inunahan na siya ng mga pro-GMA media like Inquirer and Manila Times sa pag-spread ng chismis (disguised as "news") na aatras raw siya dahil sa sakit na cancer.

One partisan pro-GMA blogsite has been relentless in using the same "talking points" from GMA surrogates to attack Roco on his health issue.

Parang sinasabi ng mga GMA supporters na "sana malala ang sakit ni Roco para mapunta na sa amin ang mga boto niya."

Well, that's politics in the Philippines folks -- cruel and ruthless.

Although GMA has been told not to attack Roco on the C issue, her surrogates in Congress, in "civil society" and in the media continue to assault Roco and do the "dirty works" for her.

Hindi nila mapaatras si Roco, kaya sisiraan na lang nila ito para wala nang bumoto sa kanya.


Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Mercy Abad Again

Did you know that Mercy Abad's people are responsible for doing all the interviews and data gathering for 3 differenent "independent" Surveys firms: SWS, Pulse Asia and NFO Trends

Scary huh?

You'd think that these different survey groups would have their OWN people conducting interviews and collect data just like ANY OTHER SURVEY GROUPS in the world like Gallup, Zogby, Rasmussen, FOXNEWS.

Pero hindi eh. SWS and Pulse Asia are totally dependent on Mercy Abad's organization. And Mercy also owns NFO Trends.

Here's more on Mercy Abad and her connections with SWS and Pulse.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Jihadist makes mistake of targeting Western Journalists inside Iraq

The Jihadist are dumb to target western journalists inside Iraq. Notice that CNN World and the BBC have been covering less and less stories on Iraq recently.

If the Western Journalist can't go outside their hotels for fear of being attacked by anti-coalition forces, then how can report and show videos of the worsening situation inside Iraq to the American audiences?

Don't these jihadists know that the anti-Bush, pro-left Media is one of their best "allies" in spreading their anti-Coalition, anti-Bush propaganda?

Esposo: FPJ is Macapagal-Arroyo's biggest promoter

Another interesting article worth reading on the need for FPJ to step down na and be Ping's VP.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Memo to FPJ: You can't beat something with NOTHING!!!

GMA is vulnerable on many issues: A Bad Economy, Massive Corruption, High Unemployment Numbers, Rampant Criminality

But instead of these becoming the main issues in this election, ang madalas nating pagusapan ngayon na "election issue" ay si FPJ.

Yung "citizenship" niya, yung "experience" at "qualifications" niya (or lack of it), yung nangyari kay Sandra Aguinaldo at Susan Roces, and all that crap.

This election should have been a referendum on GMA's performance, pero kabaligtaran ang nangyari. Si FPJ ang naging main issue.

"Do you want this dumb actor to become the your president?"

"Do you trust the people around FPJ to guide this clueless buffoon to do the right thing and make smart decisions?"

FPJ made the mistake of not criticizing GMA early on her weak points (bad economy, awful crime situation, lost jobs, and Jose Pidal's corruption) and putting her on the defensive.

Worse, he offered no credible alternative solutions to GMA's criminal mismanagement of our country other than -- I'M NOT GMA, SO PLEASE VOTE FOR ME.

Sorry FPJ, but you can't beat something with NOTHING!

Buti pa si Lacson, VERY impressive ang Program of Government niya. Alam mo na kapag nahalal siya bilang presidente -- mauubos at mababawasan ang mga corrupt at incompetent na public officials sa BIR, BID, DPWH, DECS atbp.

Alam nyo na ma neu-neutralize ang mga kidnapping at crime syndicates sa ating bansa. Yung mga corrupt sa PNP ay mawawalan ng trabaho ulit.

And I also like the fact that government will be much more efficient and corrupt free under a pro-business Lacson administration. Mas magiging attractive tayo ulit sa mga foreign investors and local businessmen once nilinis at tinanggal ni Ping ang mga basura at magnanakaw na appointees ni GMA sa gobyerno. I especially like this part:

On Day 1, all Cabinet members and heads of sensitive government agencies and their families will be asked to sign a waiver exempting them from the coverage of the Bank Secrecy Law should a complaint for corruption be lodged against them. I shall be the first to sign such a waiver.



IMO, popularity isn't enough to get you elected to the presidency anymore -- especially if your opponent is good at attacking and exposing your weaknesses as a candidate.

GMA is doing that right now to FPJ. Si FPJ naman, palaging "on the defensive" na lang. Palaging nakatanga. Pa smile-smile lang.

If GMA ran for the presidency solely on "her record", she would have been "fired" by the Filipino people a long time ago.

But that is not what she is doing.

Her campaign is instead making this election a choice between GMA and FPJ and she's running as the anti-FPJ candidate -- the person with the "best chance" of preventing an FPJ presidency.

Kung tama ako sa analysis ko, then she has a good chance of winning this election after all.

That is why I urge FPJ to withdraw na and drop down to the VP position. GMA's campaign team is totally outclassing FPJ's camp. Team GMA's gameplan is COMPLETELY designed to beat FPJ -- AND IT'S WORKING.

I expect na mache-checkmate si Da King on May 10. It's a good strategy.

But it's a strategy solely designed to beat FPJ -- not Lacson.

Once FPJ withdraws, masisira ang plano ng mga GMA campaign strategists. The rationale behind supporting GMA will be taken away and she will be forced to defend her record again against Lacson and Roco.

Katulad ng sinabi ko dati, I think it's better if Lacson becomes the standard bearer. As long as Erap and FPJ endorses Ping, I'm sure lahat ng erap at FPJ supporters ay lilipat kay Lacson.

I hope Erap reconsiders his support for Poe and back Ping Lacson instead.

If Ping becomes the standard Bearer, don't be surprised if he gets endorsements from the Washington Times and Wall Street Journal for his strong anti-corruption and anti-terrorism stance (I'll email WashTimes about it for sure).

Ping and FPJ should have a one-on-one meeting na (without the planners, assistants, backers and campaign managers of both sides) para maayos na ito.

Do you want 6 MORE YEARS of GMA?

A bad economy. Rampant Criminality. Corruption on a Massive Scale. High Unemployment numbers. Jose Pidal.

Do you want 6 more years OF THIS?!?!?

(Ito dapat ang rallying cry ni FPJ laban kay GMA eh.)

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Why FPJ should withdraw now and support Lacson

This Malaya editorial got it right.

THE Social Weather Stations yesterday reported that Gloria Arroyo has pulled ahead of Fernando Poe Jr. The finding came close on the heels of a similar survey by Pulse Asia showing the same trend.

Frankly, we not surprised by the findings. The campaign has exposed Poe. He is clueless; thus his incoherent mumblings. Who with a modicum of intelligence would take him for a serious choice for president?

Poe's presidential campaign is imploding. Barring a miracle, his bid for Malaca?ang is facing certain defeat.

Poe's surrogates have been sharpening their attacks against Arroyo since the Holy Week break. Apparently his handlers have finally realized their "manok" cannot win by simply waving his hands atop an open truck or delivering five minutes of boiler platers on a stage.

The issues against Arroyo are ordinarily sufficient to sink her. A faltering economy. Rampant criminality. Resurgent insurgencies. Unbounded corruption.

Poe should have carried the fight against Gloria on this terrain. What took place along the way was that Gloria seized the initiative, defining the election as a contest between competence and experience on one side, against mere popularity on the other.

Perhaps there is still time to return to the issue of Gloria's mismanagement and corruption. As we said the surrogates of Poe are stepping up their attacks. The question is why Poe himself is not leading the charge like the countless heroes he has played on the silver screen?

If he is unwilling or unable to play the opposition champion, he should seriously consider withdrawing. Panfilo Lacson was tilting with Gloria long before Poe entered the picture. He has been consistently drawing blood, not the least for his Jose Pidal expos?s. He is experienced and, in fact, the only candidate along with Raul Roco who can rightfully boast of solid achievements in the executive side of government service.

Only Lacson as the opposition unity candidate can throw Gloria into the defensive, which, given her dismal performance during the last three years, is rightfully where she belongs.

But we're talking logic, a commodity of which the Poe camp is woefully in short supply.


I'll add my comments to it later.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Malacanang says May 1 rally an "Admission of Defeat" by the Opposition... WHAT?!!?!?

Can anybody please give a credible explanation as to why a potentially HUGE upcoming May 1 ANTI-GMA rally is an "admission of defeat" for the Opposition?

Are Mike Defensor and Ignacio Bunye really serious when they make statements like this and do they really expect people to believe their BS?

Why Mike and Ignacio? Takot ba kayo na baka malaki ang rally na magaganap sa Mayo Uno? Is that the reason why both of you are desperately trying to spin the "May 1" anti-GMA rally furiously in your boss' favor???

Thursday, April 22, 2004

UPDATED: Inquirer spreading rumors again

What is this latest crap about "Edsa IV" from the PDI?

Bakit, may balita ba sila na magkakaroon na naman ng military overthrow of gov't ala "Edsa Dos"?

Bakit, may balita ba ang PDI na magkakagulo ulit sa Mayo Uno?

Kawawa naman ang mga naniniwala sa basura ng PDI re "Edsa 4", like this blogger.

I hope this doesn't lead to Malacanang taking drastic steps to ban any major anti-GMA rallies on May 1 (or use EXCESSIVE FORCE to control the crowds) just because they heard a rumor from their media surrogate (PDI) na magkakaroon na naman ulit ng "Edsa 4" i.e. "gulo" on May 1.

More crap from PDI

The Inquirer yesterday told Dr. Galvez Tan na a "united opposition" might "backfire and actually work for the President."


Saan ba nakukuha ng Inquirer ang Talking Points nila? Kay Mike Defensor at sa Malacanang?

Ang alam ko, during the US primaries, bumagsak ang ratings ni Bush dahil palagi siyang inaatake ng mga Dem candidates eh. Kerry, Edwards, Clark, Dean and others may differ with each other on some issues, but they are united on one issue: George W. Bush must go.

Ngayon, medyo umagat ng konti si Bush dahil iisang candidate na lang (Kerry) ang bumabatikos sa kanya. LOL!

I say to all other candidates -- keep attacking and exposing GMA on her weak spots: Corruption, Rising Criminality, and her being a big Palpak.

UPDATE: Manila Times picks up on the PDI "news story" and runs away with it. Gosh, these pro-GMA media surrogates are so predictable talaga.

Groups out to destabilize the Arroyo administration could take advantage of the Labor Day rally planned by some opposition leaders against it to sow disorder and even violence.

The warning was aired Thursday by the Senate majority leader, Francis Pangilinan, as police announced that demonstrations without any permits would be dispersed.

Besides being Labor Day, May 1 is the third anniversary of the siege of MalacaƱang, when thousands of supporters of ousted President Joseph Estrada tried to storm the Palace. At least two people died and scores were hurt in that riotous rally.

Pangilinan said the leaders of the May 1 rally “should think twice before taking to the streets at this time.”


Good luck na lang sa mga protesters kung makakuha kayo ng rally permit.

Pangilinan warned that groups who have plotted and who continue to plot destabilization would only be too happy to take advantage of a rally of highly charged and highly partisan followers of national candidates.

“The huge rally could be open to sabotage by provocateurs just a few days before election day. The Madrid bombings could very well be the model for these provocateurs,” said Pangilinan, chair of the Senate Committee on Justice.

Fear mongering again, Pangilinan?

At hindi nyo napapansin? Mukhang may pattern na lumalabas...

First, hindi pinayagan ni pro-GMA mayor Vi si FPJ na mag-rally sa plaza ng Lipa City.

Now this message from Pangilinan.

This is not good.

If only GMA had done this a long time ago...

Why only do this now?

LUCENA, Quezon --- Si dating Pangulong Joseph Estrada at ang kampo nito ang magiging prayoridad ng bubuuing unity government ni Pangulong Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo sa sandaling palaring muling maluklok sa pagka-pangulo sa Mayo 10.

?Mr. Estrada would be a priority of the plan to unite all political forces. We are aware that he is still being considered as role model of the Filipino masses and his supporters are loyal to him,? anang isang palace source.

Kasabay nito, sinabi ng source na hindi magiging prayoridad sa unity government na ito, kung saan ibabahagi ni Arroyo sa oposisyon ang pamamahala sa kanyang gobyerno, ang grupo ni Sen. Panfilo Lacson, presidential aspirant ng isang paksyon ng oposisyon.

But didn't she already promised to unite our country and to "heal the land" after Edsa Dos? She had 3 years to do it, but wasted it all on attacking and persecuting Erap and Lacson instead.

So why should people trust her now?

I mean, sino pa ba ang maniniwala sa kanya?

Jueteng Lords at ang mga Obispo

Nabasa ko ito sa column ni Ducky Paredes kanina:

Senatorial candidate Digs Dilangalen told me that the opposition ticket was in the Vigan bishop's residence when the bishop informed them that Chavit Singson was waiting for him in another room. The bishop then went to get Chavit so that FPJ could talk to him.

Jinggoy Estrada let out an expletive and stood up. So did the KNP gubernatorial candidate Rafanan and Digs. They left the room and did not know what transpired afterwards.

Did they walk out?

No, replied Digs. It was not a walkout. They just left. They thought that it was a waste of time to see Chavit.

See what reformers like Rafanan are up against. The bishop completely ignored the fact that he was in the room and went to get his patron, Chavit, who obviously regularly gives the bishop his share of the jueteng and smuggling proceeds. Why else would the bishops accept such an evil man with such alacrity if there were no funds involved?

Yup, mga hypocrites talaga ang mga pari at mga bishops natin. They were the first ones to attack Erap for consorting with Chavit, accusing Estrada of taking jueteng money. But after Edsa Dos, tahimik na sila sa Jueteng at peborit na naman nila si Chavit. And it is also a fact that after Erap was removed from office, mas lalo pang lumala ang Jueteng sa Ilocos Sur, and that Chavit never really gave up on his Jueteng Cash Cow.

This reminds me of a movie I saw about Church corruption. The title of the film is "The Crime of Father Amaro". There's a priest in the movie who also launders money for the druglords in Mexico.

Just change Druglords with Pinoy Jueteng Lords, and the "Padre Amaro" movie looks eerily similar to our RC Church situation sa Pinas.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Is Unification Still Possible?

This is certainly not good news for the Opposition. I'm not saying that FPJ cannot beat GMA if Lacson decides to stay in the race, but a divided opposition can only improve GMA's chances of winning (or make it easier for her to get away with Dagdag-Bawas).

Ping and Poe should schedule another unification meeting around Apr. 29-30. I hope they get their acts together, but I'm getting more and more pessimistic about the whole situation.

We may see both Lacson and FPJ, neither one budging or giving way, split the opposition vote on May 10.

That's the worst case scenario.

I just hope one of them steps down na para matapos na ito. It doesn't matter which candidate runs solo against GMA, because either Ping or Poe can win this thing easily if united na talaga ang opposition.

Siguro the best way to settle this is... Mag Jack and Poy na lang kaya sila??? No Really. Para matapos na ito once and for all. Sino ang panalo siya ang magiging standard bearer ng opposition.

Just make sure both of you (Ping and Poe) schedule your unification announcement on May 1 -- the 3rd anniversary of Edsa Tres.

I'm wishing for an opposition "May surprise" this election year.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Do you think Lacson's accustions against Mike Arroyo could backfire against him?

I don't know kung medyo confident na ang malacanang sa chances nilang manalo this may, pero napansin ko na hindi na sila takot na pagusapan ang mga issues ni Jose Pidal and other GMA scandals.

And Bunye seems to be making implied threats against Lacson.

Malaca?ang warned opposition presidential candidate Senator Panfilo Lacson Friday that his accusations against First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo might backfire on his candidacy.

In an interview over a local radio, Presidential Spokesman Ignacio Bunye criticized Lacson for repeatedly making unsubstantiated allegations against the First Gentleman, the latest of which was the latter's alleged involvement in the country's smuggling activities.

"He (Lacson) is all talk, but he does not have strong evidence because if he has, he should have charged the First Gentleman in court a long time ago," he said.

Anyways, naniniwala ba kayo sa accusations ni ping kay jose pidal o hindi?

Dapat na bang tigilan niya si Mike Arroyo kung puro photocopies lang ang ebidensiya na ibibigay niya? Dahil bawal raw ang mga "xeroxed copies" eh, sabi ni Blue Ribbon Chairman Joker Arroyo, although I NEVER heard him say na fake (or galing sa fake) ang kopya ni lacson.

(and if Chairman Joker really wants to know if lacson's documents are fake or not, mabilis lang naman malaman eh... ask the banks to confirm kung fake or galing sa fake ito o hindi, o di ba?)

Friday, April 16, 2004

Why I believe FPJ will lose to GMA

Nauna kung na-realize na pabagsak na si FPJ nung nabasa ko ito sa Malaya. Tapos, idagdag mo pa yung sumunod na balita sa latest survey results at yung pagalis ni roco sa kampanya...

The handwriting on the wall became clear na talaga.

There are three reasons (aside from the obvious) kung bakit hindi maganda ang takbo ng kampanya ni FPJ.

1) FPJ tried to distance himself from Erap - FPJ made the miscalculation of not embracing Erap and his anti-Edsa dos cause. And to make things worse, he invited Loren Legarda and Ernesto Herrera into his KNP coalition. Hindi ba ito ang dahilan kung bakit initially nagkagulo sa loob ng KNP at napikon sila Erap, Imee Marcos, Miriam, Jinggoy at Manong Maceda? Ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit hindi masyadong energized ang mga supporters ng opposition.

Of course, tuwang-tuwa naman si GMA na hindi naging issue si Erap sa eleksyon na ito dahil iniwasan talaga niya yung issue na yan. Because if the masa voters were reminded of the undemocratic and unconstitutional way erap was kicked out during edsa dos and the way erap and his family were mistreated and made convenient scapegoats (i.e. almost ALL the members of the estrada family were accused of plotting the Oakland Mutiny, remember), lahat ng galit ng masa ay napupunta kay GMA -- dahil siya ang simbolo (and the greatest beneficiary) ng Edsa Dos.

(But suddenly, naging mabait na si GMA this year kay Erap. Hmmm... bakit kaya? :) )

Tama si Rod Kapunan dito:

Instead of listening to Estrada who could have defined to him the meaning and the stand of the opposition, and the need to be identified as a real opposition party, he allowed himself to be coached by others. As a result, FPJ had to marginalize Estrada's Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino because he was probably told that identifying with it was more of a liability than an asset to his candidacy. Probably he was also told to ignore Butch Aquino's wing of the LDP as this would not cause a dent to the party. The net effect is that FPJ unnecessarily caused a split within the opposition umbrella and centrifugally drove away many of its influential leaders and propagandists who could have articulated his reason for running.

Among the serious blunders committed were as follows: One, FPJ failed to exert his efforts to reconcile with Lacson. Second, he aggravated the rift by choosing as his runningmate Sen. Loren Legarda, a known anti-Estrada basher and a protege of the Lopezes. Third, he failed to realize that while the LDP members constitute an elite handful in the opposition, it was the Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino that could deliver the manpower needed. Fourth, he diluted the opposition ticket by including candidates who sought the impeachment of the man who now sits as the venerable leader of the opposition.

2) FPJ did not use Edsa dos as an issue against GMA - Ito pa yung isang isyu na AYAW pagusapan ni GMA dahil takot siya sa masang supporters ni erap. Ewan ko ba kung bakit hindi ginamit ni FPJ yung issue na ito laban kay GMA when this is a major plus for him. It would have reminded erap's voters of what GMA did to their guy and this will get them angry, energized, AND HIGHLY MOTIVATED to oust GMA.

(But I guess advice na naman ito ni Angara na wag banggitin at siraan ang Edsa Dos para hindi raw "ma-offend" ang civil society. LMAO!!!)

Besides, hindi na popular ang edsa dos, hindi ba? pati sa mga edsa dos anniversary gatherings -- nilalangaw ang mga ito, right? Even most edsa dos participants are very disappointed sa outcome -- dahil palpak at mas corrupt pa ang presidente na pumalit kay erap.

So, nobody (aside from GMA loyalists and Cardinal Sin) will really get angry if you slam or mock Edsa Dos.


3) FPJ refused to attack GMA directly on her vulnerable issues - Isa na namang malaking kabobohan ito. Obvious naman na corrupt at garapalan na ang pandaraya ni GMA, pero ayaw ni FPJ birahin si GMA dito. OTOH, binibira naman ng kampo ni GMA si FPJ by trying to get him disqualified and attacking him personally.

Attack ng attack si GMA at defend lang ng defend si FPJ. Bad strategy ito, FPJ. Kung puro defend ka lang ng defend, mawawala ang lead mo sa surveys.

Dapat, ikaw ang umatake. Dahil marami namang pwedeng tirahin kay GMA eh... like yung problema ng mga pidal sa corruption, yung garapalan na pandaraya, IMPSA, Telecoms scam, yung corrupt na COMELEC appointees ni GMA, yung corrupt na SC appointees ni GMA, yung obstructionist na mga admin senators ng administration niya...

You can't let your surrogates do all the attacking for you dahil walang papansin sa kanila. You have to do it yourself.


If FPJ does not want to see a HUMILIATING DEFEAT on May 10, he better step down na to become Lacson's VP. Kasi kahit na mag-join forces sila FPJ at Ping (with FPJ as presidential candidate), wala nang pagasa si Poe kay GMA. Ever since sumali si Poe sa presidential race, pabagsak ng pabagsak ang ratings niya. Better quit while there's still time FPJ, and pass the baton to Lacson.

I say this because aside from the fact that you are NOT QUALIFIED to be our president -- I ALSO DON'T WANT TO SEE GMA WIN.


GMA V. FPJ, Whoever Wins... We Lose.

If you feel na parang nasayang lang ang time and effort mo sa kampanya sa pagka-presidente -- hindi totoo yan. Kasi, you would have served unwittingly as Lacson's "stalking horse"... which is good, because most of the GMA dirty tricks campaign ay naka-focus sa iyo.

Another thing... you would help this country by keeping the Lopezes out of Malacanang by winning the VP race.

I'm not saying Lacson should do all the 3 things listed above na FPJ did not do. Iba kasi ang sitwasyon sa kanya. He should work real hard to attract the anti-GMA voters, kasi marami ito and at the same time secure his base.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Another Reason Why Ping-FPJ tandem is a Good Idea

I agree with Feling. If FPJ gives way to Ping and drops down to the VP spot, he would be able to do to perform two great services for the country: help kick GMA out of office and prevent corrupt ABS-CBN newsreader Nolee de CASHTRO from winning the VP race.

We all know that there's an Unholy Alliance between Malacanang and the Lopezes (ABS-CBN, MERALCO, Maynilad). At alam rin natin na hindi magiging beneficial ito sa mga Filipinos at mga Electricity and Water consumers dito sa ating bansa. Sila Pidal at ang mga Lopezes lang ang makikinabang sa alliance na ito.

Basically, ganito ang mangyayari: the Lopezes will help GMA win this election by lending Ka Noli and actively promoting her in ABS-CBN in exchange for GMA helping them in the Maynilad bailout effort and the MERALCO "refund" scheme (penalty for overcharging consumers in the past) and "other MERALCO problems".

Now, Noli de Castro is a loyal employee of the Lopezes, at sa totoo lang, wala akong tiwala sa mga Lopezes or kay Ka Nolee. We should not allow the Lopezes gain so much access in Malacanang by getting their puppet elected VP.

Natatakot ako na kapag naging bise presidente si Ka Noli ay magiging sobrang pro-Lopez, pro-MERALCO, pro-MAYNILAD, pro-ABS-CBN, at pro-BENPRES na ang Malacanang. It's not good for the consumers and for all Filipinos.

That's where FPJ comes in. If he runs for VP, not only will he beat de Cashtro, but as a bonus... he will also bump Loren Legarda (another Lopez employee) out of the VP race and force her to run for senator instead.

The effect is like hitting two birds in one stone, ika nga. Neither of the two ABSCBNMERALCOMAYNILAD employees will win if the da King runs for VP.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Here's What the Opposition Should Do

After Roco announced yesterday that he was leaving his campaign behind to go to the US for medical treatment, marami sa mga supporters niya ay na-disappoint at parang nawalan na ng pagasa sa kampanya niya. These people are now looking for somebody else to support and their votes are now up for grabs.

Since wala na si Roco, it is very important na mag-unite na ang opposition habang may oras pa.

I believe that either Ping or FPJ can beat GMA as long as iisa lang ang tatakbo sa kanila for president. But I also believe Ping has a better chance of beating GMA one-on-one than FPJ because Lacson has a much better crossover appeal than FPJ.

Ganito kasi yan. If FPJ steps down to become VP and endorses Ping, lahat ng mga supporters ni FPJ ay mapupunta kay Ping. Or, if Ping steps down and endorses FPJ, lahat rin ng supporters ni Ping ay mapupunta kay FPJ. I know that how Erap and Jinggoy feels... sabi nila if FPJ is out, we'll support Ping.

Now bakit si Ping ang mas gusto kung maging standard bearer ng Opposition instead of FPJ?

The answer is simple. Ping can attract the Roco middle class voters and a significant portion of the anti-GMA crowd (ABG, Anybody But Gloria), and FPJ cannot. Ang masama pa niyan, meron ring malakas na "Anybody but FPJ" movement si FPJ, kaya mahihirapan siyang maka-attract ng voters outside his base.

(Halatang divisive sila GMA and FPJ, ano?)

There's a reason why a lot smart people and media types wanted John Edwards to win the Democratic nomination over John Kerry even though Edwards was trailing Kerry badly in the primaries... and that is because John Edwards v. George Bush is a better matchup for the Dems than Kerry v. Bush.

And they know that whoever wins the nomination will get full backing of all the loyal, anti-Bush democrats behind him anyway. It doesn't matter whether it's Kerry or Edwards... they will get the same level of support from the Dems.

The problem with Kerry kasi is that he's way to liberal for most independent and Republican Moderates. Sure Kerry won the Dem primaries easily, but puro anti-war at anti-bush liberals ang mga nagpa-participate sa mga primaries na ito eh, and Kerry has the edge because he is more liberal and more anti-Bush than the moderate Edwards.

Now that he has captured the Dem nomination, can Kerry do a good job of attracting the moderates and independents to win the national election? I doubt it. Kerry's just too liberal and too boring to be an attractive candidate for moderate independents.

Kung si John Edwards lang ang napili ng mga Dems, mas magiging kabado si bush, because not only is Sen. Edwards a Southern Democrat (moderate), he's also a very articulate and very impressive stump speaker.

Since hati ang US 50-50 between pro-war and anti-war, pro-bush and anti-bush, any independent and moderate voters you can pry away from the middle or from the other party can make a crucial difference.

Hindi ba ang rule sa US politics ay ganito: During the primaries, you try to satisfy your party base by moving to the left (or to the right). Once you get the nomination, you try to move to the Center to attract independents and moderates from other parties.

Sa bansa natin, same situation rin. Hati ang bansa between Edsa dos and Edsa Tres. FPJ is John Kerry. Ping Lacson is John Edwards.

FPJ claims he can unite the country, but do you really think Civil Society and Edsa Dos types will welcome an FPJ presidency? Sa mga nakikita at naririnig ko, the answer is a BIG NO.

Same with GMA rin. I don't think she can heal this divided country. Para siyang si Bush, and you know MARAMING GALIT kay Bush sa US. LOL!

Si Ping lang talaga ang nakikita ko na mga experience, integrity at crossover appeal na makaka-attract ng mga middle class educated voters at poor erap masa supporters para ma-unite ang bansa natin na tatlong taon nang hati between Edsa Dos at Edsa Tres.

Now, how should Ping Lacson move to unite the opposition. Here are a few tips:

1) Forgive Angara - Yes, I know gago si angara, but uniting the opposition is more important than asking KNP to get rid of him. If that's the only reason kung bakit hindi matuloy ang pag-unite sa opposition, then please drop the demand to kick Angara out na, Sen. Lacson.

Basta ba ikaw na ang mapiling standard bearer ng opposition eh... that's already a big reward in itself. At kung ikaw ang mapili, Angara should not expect to have an influential position in a Ping-Poe administration.

2) Visit Erap - try to convince him to switch to your side. It's not as hard as you think. Hindi ba medyo inis na rin si Erap kay Angara and company dahil pakiramdam niyang hindi siya nirerespeto nito and that he doesn't feel "wanted" or "useful" anymore by FPJ's camp. Well, show erap that he is important to your campaign and that he opinions and counsel are still valuable to you.

My Picks for Senators

Go to I-Site. They have a comprehensive list of candidates for President, for Senators and for Congressmen.

Checking the senatoriable candidates from KNP, K4, Alyansa ng Pag-Asa, LDP, and Independents, nakapaggawa na ako ng listahan ko for 12 senators.

Here they are:

  • Juan Ponce Enrile

  • Ernesto Maceda

  • Alfredo Lim

  • Nene Pimentel

  • Kit Tatad

  • Jamby Madrigal

  • Digs Dilangalen

  • Jinggoy Estrada

  • Boots Anson Roa

  • Carlos Padilla

  • Frank Chavez

  • Amina Rasul

I did not select any senatoriable from K4 because we need LESS, NOT MORE, administration candidates.

And although I really don't consider Miriam, John Osmena and Biazon as true "administration" candidates, hindi ko pa rin sila iboboto because a) they'll win anyway and b) I want to prevent other K4 candidates from winning a slot.

Kung manalo yung tatlo, there's a good chance na lilipat kaagad sila sa opposition, so I'm not that strongly against their candidacy.

Ang gusto kong matalo ay sila Barbers, Cayetano, Gordon, Jaworski, Lito Lapid and Hussin. There's a good chance na hindi sila makakapasok sa Magic 12 dahil mababa or barely passing lang sila sa surveys.

As long as we vote solid KNP (Ernesto Herrera can be left), we can prevent GMA from adding more Senator/pawns to the admin majority in the Senate. Aside from removing Herrera (replaced with Frank Chavez, he'd make a good oppo senator), I also replaced Sonny Escudero with Caloy Padilla.

Para sa akin, hindi 6-6 ang resulta sa latest poll sa senate race kung hindi 8-4... Because I consider Miriam and Osmena as part of the opposition. Mga deep penetration agents natin sila. LOL!

Remember, don't waste your vote on Miriam, John Osmena and Biazon -- kasi mananalo rin sila eh. Gamitin nyo na lang ang boto mo sa opposition.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Kerry leads Bush, 50-43

In the new Newsweek Poll.

For Democrats, it's too bad the election is still 7 months away.

Finally, CENTCOM confronts biased media

I suggested last Sunday in this blog that Gen. Kimmitt or Gen. Ricardo Sanchez should confront the media on their biased reporting.

And today, Voila... nangyari na nga, although yung mga Arabic media channels ang pinaginitan nila instead of the leftwing Mainstream Media (hindi kaya nagbabasa ang mga taga CENTCOM sa blog ko? :p)

The US-led coalition and its Iraqi allies accused the Arab world's two biggest television news stations of fanning anti-US sentiment and sectarian violence in Iraq (news - web sites) with their reporting.

"Anti-US sentiment has been heightened by Al-Jazeera and other anti-coalition media reporting" on the closure of a Shiite radical newspaper and the siege of the insurgent bastion of Fallujah, the coalition's deputy director of operations, Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, told a news conference.

"We have reason to believe that several news organizations do not engage in truthful reporting," coalition civilian spokesman Dan Senor said.

"In fact it is no reporting."

Qatar-based Al-Jazeera and its Dubai-based rival Al-Arabiya, have been providing graphic images of the devastation and casualties in the Sunni stronghold of Fallujah during fierce fighting between US forces and insurgents last week.

Al-Jazeera has also been giving significant prominence and airtime to supporters of Shiite radical leader Moqtada Sadr, who is wanted in connection with the murder of a rival cleric last year.

Even Iraq's National Security Advisor, Muaffaq al-Rubaie, seconded what Kimmitt and Senor said:
Iraq's National Security Advisor Muaffaq al-Rubaie, a Shiite, lashed out at what he called "false reports" by both channels Sunday that he resigned from the council in protest against fighting between US troops and Sadr's supporters that has left many civilians dead in Baghdad and the south.

"I am so upset and so angry about what has been reported on Arab media and television about my resignation," Rubaie told a press conference in Baghdad.

He said he left his position in the council which is legislative in nature to take an executive post as national security advisor as part of the transfer of power by the US-led coalition to a caretaker government on June 30.

"I warn the Arabic media: Iraq's patience has reached its limit and they will regret what they are doing," said a visibly angry Rubaie.

He accused both channels of inciting violence between the country's ethnic groups with their reporting.

"This media is not happy with the end of the sectarianism in Iraq with the fall of Saddam Hussein (news - web sites), so they lie, lie and lie," said Rubaie.

Medyo disappointed lang ako sa mga iilang Japanese reporters, ang bobo naman nila.

But in a sign of Al-Jazeera's popularity, Japanese reporters slammed their diplomats in Jordan Monday, saying that they were left with reports by Al-Jazeera and other Arab media as the sole source of news about three Japanese hostages held by insurgents in Iraq.

"We end up getting our only news from Al-Jazeera," said Yoichi Koizumi, a reporter with Fuji Television News Network.

Hindi nyo ba naisip kung bakit puro sa Al Jazeera lang napupunta ang mga "exclusive" footage ng mga Japanese hostages?

Hindi nyo ba napapansin yung close collaboration between Al-Jazeera and the jihadist/terrorists?

Monday, April 12, 2004

A Possible Scenario

Now I know why Lacson does not have a running mate and a 12-person senatorial slate... ;)

First we hear this "bad news" from the FPJ camp.

Handlers of Fernando Poe Jr. sought the help of President Joseph Estrada before the holidays in propping up his faltering campaign, sources said yesterday.

The sources said Poe was present during the meeting in Estrada's detention quarters in Tanay, Rizal, but only listened as his handlers briefed Estrada on the problems plaguing his campaign.

The sources said the briefing was conducted by Sen. Edgardo Angara, Horacio Morales of the Partido ng Masang Pilipino, and Estrada's friend Carmelo Santiago.

Poe came in a helicopter. Angara, Morales and Santiago followed also in a helicopter.

The sources said Poe's handlers complained to Estrada that some contributors have not made good on their promises.

The contributors apparently were disappointed by Poe's loss of momentum in surveys, the sources said.

"They thought Ronnie would pull away. It didn't happen. Now, they are holding on to their money," one of the sources said.

The sources said local leaders have become lukewarm because of dwindling "logistics."

"Apparently, some people at the top had made promises to local leaders. They failed to deliver," a source said.

The same source said the handlers appealed to Estrada to get in touch with the contributors.

In addition, Max Soliven confirmed this news info and wrote in his article yesterday that 2 choppers came to visit erap in Camp Capinpin. Ang laman ng unang chopper ay sila FPJ, Angara and Boy Morales. Erap was inside his bedroom when they visited him and did not immediately come out to greet them, even FPJ.

Then, a second chopper with Boy Asistio, Erap's buddy, arrived. Deretcho kaagad ang pasok ni Mr. Asistio sa loob ng bedroom ni Erap while Angara, FPJ and Morales waited patiently outside.

Finally, lumabas na rin si Erap at doon nagbigay ng "report" si Angara at Boy Morales na hindi raw maganda ang takbo ng kampanya ni FPJ. Funds are running low and the contributors have not delivered on their promise to support FPJ's campaign with big bucks.

Natatakot rin raw si Angara and company na if the Opposition did not unite, GMA -- with all the government resources at her disposal plus with a little help from the admin-friendly COMELEC -- might win this election... DAW!

(Max also mentioned na nag-resign na si Tito Sotto as FPJ campaign manager at si Jejomar Binay na ang pumalit.)

Tapos dagdagan mo pa nito, news about Ping and FPJ's fourth (and last?) meeting to unite the opposition yesterday:

Fernando Poe Jr. and Panfilo Lacson finally met yesterday, boosting chances the opposition can be unified to foil expected vote-buying and cheating by the administration on May 10, sources said yesterday.

The sources, who were responsible for getting the two candidates together after the cancellation of a one-on-one set last March 16, would not disclose the results of the meeting.

"We've done our part. Let's leave the announcement to the two principals," one of the sources said.

Now, let's guess kung ano ang magiging announcement or next move nila, shall we?

Ako, ito ang prediction ko: FPJ will step down to become Ping Lacson's VP.

Legarda will also slide down from VP to run for Senator under KNP, and Rep. Carlos Padilla (Lacson's lone senatorial candidate) rejoins the KNP senatorial slate.

Then Ping adopts the entire KNP senatorial lineup.

The inclusion of Legarda and Padilla in Lacson's senatorial team will mean that 2 other KNP senatorial candidates will be bumped out.

Hopefully, si Ernesto Herrera at si Sonny Escudero ang matanggal.

(Si Ernesto Herrera because he's a pro-EDSA DOS trapo and Sonny Escudero because replacement candidate lang siya originally for Caloy Padilla.)

Erap can also speed up the process and help push for a Ping-FPJ outcome by declaring that he si now switching his support to Ping Lacson instead of FPJ. Tapos sabihin rin niya kay FPJ privately na mas makakabuti na mag-VP na lang siya instead. I believe mas makikinig si FPJ kay Erap instead of Angara and Danding.

Additional thoughts. First, I think both FPJ and PING can beat GMA, as long as one of them drops out. Kasi alam kong lilipat ang mga boto ni FPJ kay PING kung umatras siya and vice versa.

Second, Ping has a better chance of beating GMA in a one-on-one matchup than FPJ. That's because unlike FPJ, Lacson doesn't an "Anybody but PING" movement.

Marami rin ang against kay GMA, that's why she too has an "Anybody but Gloria" movement.

But GMA is doing well against FPJ (despite her high negatives) because marami ang takot kay FPJ. Kahit na hindi si GMA ang first choice ng mga voters na ito, napipilitan silang lumipat kay pandak para lang hindi manalo si da king.

But if FPJ steps down and Ping becomes the opposition standard bearer, marami ang kakalas sa kampo ni GMA. Sasabihin ng mga middle class voters... FINALLY, a candidate from the opposition that is competent and highly qualified. Thank god we don't have to vote for GMA anymore just to prevent an FPJ victory!

You combine the Ping's middle class voters with the monolithic erap masa voters... SIMPLY UNBEATABLE!!!

Third, GMA's people focused most of their attacks on FPJ, which is good for Ping because they left him unscathed during the campaign season. Everybody's been attacking FPJ for being incompetent and dumb. At the same time -- Roco, Lacson, Brod Eddie and FPJ has also been attacking GMA for being corrupt and for being a huge palpak after she assumed the presidency.

If Ping becomes standard bearer, it will be too late for GMA to mount a serious demolition job on Ping. Everything the administration threw at Lacson before (rosebud, mawanay, corpus, blanquita pelaez, mateo, tulfo) has been ineffective at hindi na na ito sineseryoso ng mga publiko. I also think it's too late now to revive Kuratong again... and it will only look political if GMA is stupid enough to revive it for the nth time.

Besides, ano ba ang sabi ni GMA sa TV ad niya... "Trabaho lang, Walang personalan"? If they get nasty on Ping by reviving all those phony and manufactured criminal charges against him, then magmumukhang tanga na naman ulit si GMA dahil sinira na naman niya ulit ang pangako niya.

UPDATE: If Ping-FPJ materializes, malaki ang tsansa na manalo yung dalawa sa respective positions na gusto nilang makuha. Ping has an excellent chance of beating GMA, and FPJ is a shoo-in for VP.

As for Roco, sayang siya. I like both Roco and Lacson but a united opposition under Lacson has the best chance of beating GMA... so there.

I'm sure in the spirit of unity (after Ping and Poe wins), President Lacson will extend an olive branch to the Edsa dos people by asking Roco and Villanueva to serve in his cabinet.

Kasi hindi naman magkakagalit sila Lacson, Roco, Villanueva at FPJ eh. Si GMA lang talaga ang sumisira sa unity ng bansa natin.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Biased Mainstream Media

Den Beste has a long article on this issue. Ito naman ang comment ko...

Shouldn't somebody high-ranking in the military (like Kimmitt, Abizaid, Sanchez) or a high-profile moderate like Sen. John McCain say something or complain about the biased reporting in Iraq from the "mainstream media" reporters?

Maybe a few marines or soldiers currently involved in the fighting in Fallujah and other parts in Iraq can also issue similar complaints to the "embedded journalists" that are tagging along.

(Shouldn't use administration officials to do make this appeal though. "Mainstream media" will only turn on them.)

I'd like to see Gen. Kimmitt or Abizaid ask the media people to be more fair and more accurate in their news coverage in Iraq.

A marine being interviewed live can use the opportunity to ask the media to be more responsible and more balanced in their reporting.

Whether left-leaning "mainstrem media" will heed the appeal or not is beside the point. At least we need to get this issue out now so that the American public will be warned about what the see and hear in the news.


Den Beste said this:

The reason we were attacked in September of 2001 was because bin Laden believed we'd fold and surrender. He more or less expected America to respond the way the Spanish did after 3/11. Our enemies now understand that it won't be that easy, but they still hold out hope that eventually we'll lose our nerve.

It's not that they think the US is afraid of getting it's nose bloodied, but more like they don't believe the US has the stomach for more Iraqi civilian casualties.

That's why al-Sadr and his thugs continue to hide inside mosques and hospitals and use women and children as human shields.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Thanks a lot, Richard Ben Veniste!

Thanks, Mr. Ben Veniste for making Condi Rice's public testimony before the 9/11 commission a VERY PARTISAN AFFAIR.

I knew we could always count on you, sir! You're always a Dem partisan and you showed it again today by being hostile and very political in your attacks against Dr. Rice.

No wonder we didn't learn much from your line of questioning... Because kept interrupting Dr. Rice and played Democratic attack dog.

You're not really interested in the truth... you just want to attack, attack, and attack Condi Rice and the Bush Admin.

Now, people will wonder if this commission can still produce a credible and non-partisan report after your performance.

All thanks to you, Mr. Ben Veniste and your fellow dem inquisitors.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

McCain bitchslaps Kennedy, KKK Byrd for calling Iraq "Vietnam"

Here's what Sen. Edward Kennedy said on Iraq and Bush:

"Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam, and this country needs a new president," Kennedy said, adding that by going to war, the United States had angered key US allies, made America "more hated in the world" and complicated the war on terrorism.

Other Dem Senators like Robert "KKK" Byrd, D-W.Va., said that he heard "echoes of Vietnam" after critics sharpened their calls for an "exit strategy" in Iraq.

OTOH, here's what Senator John McCain, a Vietnam vet and a moderate Republican, had to say about all this Vietnam talk:

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said those who call Iraq another Vietnam "either have forgotten or never learned the lessons" of that war.

"It's a totally false comparison, and I know something about Vietnam," said McCain, who spent more than five years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.

McCain counselled patience and adds this:

"Is this a difficult political problem?" Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona asked. "Yes. Is this a time to panic, to cut and run? No."

So what the Dems favorite Republican is saying can be summarized this way:

We cannot lose. We cannot leave. We could leave Vietnam and Somalia and Beirut. We cannot leave Iraq.

So, does John Kerry and future Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton agree with McCain?

Or do the agree more with Uncle Ted and KKK Byrd?

Since Hillary will be a future presidential candidate, it is important that we get her views NOW on these very important issues.

She should not be allowed to stay silent forever on this and we shouldn't make it easy for her anymore to "straddle the fence" on those controversial issues.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Would McCain be comfortable sharing the same party with Ted Kennedy?

Sabi ni Republican Senator John McCain na his own Republican party "has gone astray" raw, on many issues.

Then, dinagdagan pa niya nito:

"I think the Democratic Party is a fine party, and I have no problems with it, in their views and their philosophy."


I know you're a strong supporter of the War on Terror Sen. McCain and you think Bush is doing a good job in Iraq, pero mukhang ine-explore mo pa rin yung options mo kung lilipat ka sa kabila at maging VP ni Kerry o hindi.

But do you really want to be associated with a party that has a leading Liberal Democratic Senator undermining our War effort in Iraq by making this crazy statement:

"Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam, and this country needs a new president," Kennedy said, adding that by going to war, the United States had angered key US allies, made America "more hated in the world" and complicated the war on terrorism.

Si Sen. Ted Kennedy po yan, mga peeps. A Democratic Senator from Massachusetts.

Does Kennedy not realize that these false and irresponsible statements can only embolden our enemies and demoralize the US troops?

Pero siguro yan talaga ang intention mo ano, Mr. Kennedy? Mas importante sa iyo na matalo si Bush kaysa matalo ang Al Queda.

Michael Graham of NRO nails it:

What bothers me isn't the political attack on Bush, but how the senator's idea is a slashing blow to the support for the troops. How does he think these soldiers feel being told they are now part of a "Vietnam," a word which translates into "immoral military action doomed to defeat?" I can't think of a statement more likely to undermine American soldiers than that claim.

What makes Kennedy's vicious attack even more outrageous is that it is demonstrably untrue. The progress on the ground in Iraq has been amazing, given the conditions in Iraq one year ago. We aren't losing in Iraq at all. We are in a war that we have the ability to win.

And Kennedy wants us to surrender. To declare "defeat" and go home. If we keep fighting, and fight smart, we are almost certain to win this war. Bush understands that, which is why Iraq won't be his Vietnam.

But if the Democrats continue to push defeat as an American policy, it could be theirs.

Matagal ko nang sinasabi... Dem Party = Political wing of Al Queda.

More here: Ted Kennedy and the "Tet Syndrome".

Pati si Colin Powell naasar na rin kay Sen. Kennedy.

So back to you, Sen. McCain. Do you agree with Sen. Kennedy's statements against Bush or not? Do you find Sen. Kennedy's statements helpful at all in our fight against terrorism?

Somebody should get McCain on TV right away and get his reaction to Kennedy's Speech.

Monday, April 05, 2004

The FPJ-Sandra Aguinaldo Affair

Media bias towards FPJ

I think almost everybody by now have heard about the brouhaha over FPJ and Sandra Aguinaldo of GMA7. Nakakahiya lang nga ang mga reactions galing sa Inquirer at GMA7, lalo na sa mga "government-controlled" media and tabloids.

It's really much ado about nothing. Pero sinadyang pinalaki lang ito ng mga pro-GMA media para siraan pa lalo si FPJ.

Really Sandra, I know this is what media types like you do for a living, and doing your little "stand-upper" is part of that.

But can you at least do your "stand-upper" a little further away than 9 FEET FROM THE CANDIDATES????

By a little further away, I mean about 25-30 FEET AWAY AT LEAST! How about that, huh Sandra???

Tama si Ducky Paredes sa sinabi niya:

IT is wrong for a television reporter to do a stand-up report from an area where she creates a disturbance to the point where the live audience in the event begins to pay her more attention than the event itself.

It is just wrong.

Can you imagine someone doing a stand-up in the middle of the basketball court while the game is going on? Certainly, one does not do a stand-up right there on the stage and within hearing distance of the man who is trying his best to deliver a message to the audience.

A reporter must remember that this is the speaker's audience, not the reporter's and he ought to be given the leeway to have their attention all to himself,

In the case of what happened in Iloilo during a sortie of Fernando Poe Jr., the ones who must take the blame for this are the security persons of the KNP camp. They should not have allowed the television reporter to go on stage with her cameraman. They should not have allowed it because there is just no good reason for her to do that. When your main speaker is speaking, there should be no other movement on the stage.

If she wanted to do a stand-up, she could have done it far from the stage where she would not be in anyone's way. She would also not create any sort of disturbance. A more resourceful and more professional reporter would have done just that and would have done her job well.

Someone else other than the presidential candidate himself (who was visibly disturbed by having someone else talking on stage at the same time that he was) should have stopped her. There is no good reason for FPJ himself to have to do that job himself.


As a general rule, when a member of the press disturbs the proceedings itself that she is covering, as a result of something that she does, she ought to know (even without being told) that she is doing wrong. Reporters ought to be invisible to the event. Their presence should be reserved only for their audience (whether these are readers, listeners or viewers).

At isa pa, FPJ never threatened Sandra Aguinaldo nor cursed her, unlike what GMA has done to other reporters in the past.

Sure, FPJ could have used humor instead of sarcasm when he talked to Sandra, pero ano ba ang magagawa ni FPJ kung sobrang "sensitive" ang iilan sa mga reporters ng GMA7? Papaano ka makakatagal sa industriya niyan Sandra kung palagi na lang siyang iiyak sa mga maliliit na bagay?

Buti pa itong si Tina Panganiban Perez hindi iyakin, even though GMA threatened her and accused her of "abetting rebellion".

Dir. General Ebdane of the Philippine National Police (PNP) even had some of the journalists "monitored" for alleged "illegal activities" (shades of Martial Law) during that time, pero tepid lang ang reactions ng inquirer at iba pang media sa issue na ito compared to FPJ's.

One other thing, nung pina-cancel ni Mr. and Mrs. Pidal yung Probe Team for reporting the illegal activities of Efraim Genuino, an Arroyo crony... hindi ko yata napansin yung "outrage" sa mainstream media at mga ibang journalists?

Sa PDI, si Conrad de Quiros lang ang nagalit dito.

Strangely, Rina Jimenez David, Bel Cunanan, Amando Doronila, Solita Monsod and the rest of the PDI gang were very quiet or mute about the whole incident.

Judging from their reactions (or lack thereof), akala mo parang hindi nangyari yung pag-tanggal ng Probe team sa Ch. 7.

Sa GMA7, tahimik rin... like takot silang madamay sa gulo ng Probe Team.


Nung pina-aresto rin si Ninez Cacho Olivares, the editor of a leading opposition paper, on 19 counts of BullShit... i mean libel, puro nakatanga lang ang lahat ng mga mainstream media sa mga pangyayaring ito.

Obviously, harassment ito vs. NCO, but since opposition naman ang kinakawawa, okey lang yan hindi ba, civil society?

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Carmen Pedrosa's "Acting President"

Ito yung sinulat ni Carmen Pedrosa ng PhilStar:

That would have been the title of the book I was writing on Abdala Bucaram of Ecuador and Erap, how two leaders miles apart suffered a similar fate. From being actors, they became presidents of their countries with nothing to show but their acting prowess and popularity. Now we have another actor, this time even more an actor than Erap in the sense that he has no political experience whatsover. In other words, FPJ will merely ?act? as a president. I did not say it, he said it. He asked the Fil-Chinese businessmen to support him for his biggest role yet ? as President of the Philippines. He said he has played the role of soldier, policeman, priest and even sword maker. "Ang hindi ko nagagampanan ay isang presidente. Kaya kayo ang bahala kung gusto ninyong gampanan ko eto. (I have not yet played the role of president. It?s up to if you want me to play the role).

Nothing could be clearer than that. He equates being president with other roles he played in the movies.

Naku, nagmukhang bobo si FPJ sa sinabi niya!

And yes Carmen, pwede silang tawaging "acting president" dahil parehong actors sila FPJ at Erap.

But did you know na isang Acting President rin si GMA?

Ito ang sinabi niya sa inaugural speech niya eh:

"I accept the privilege and responsibility to act as president of the republic."

Tapos ito pa:

(a) These videotapes show Chief Justice Davide leaving the Supreme Court at around 11 A.M., with these parting words :

" ... (W)e have to proceed to ... EDSA ... to administer the oath on (sic) the ... Vice-President as Acting President ... "

(b) The tapes also show Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo taking the following oath :

"I, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Vice-President of the Philippines, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully and conscientiously fulfil my duties as Acting President of the Philippines."

At least, sa kaso ni Erap at FPJ, "acting presidents" lang sila (wink, wink).

Si GMA naman, talagang Acting President (without the "quote marks").

Daily Kos is losing it

Instead of feeling regretful or contrite for the vile things he wrote in his blog the last time, the guy showed no remorse at all.

And now he's trying to act like he's the "victim" in all of this.


He thinks he can get away with this and make more money then usual by replacing the lost ads with new ones from angry extremist left-wingers.

But we'll see about that, Mr. Zuniga.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Daily Kos is a MORON and a COWARD

Markos Zuniga of Daily Kos (a popular left-leaning blog) said something so VILE, so outrageous the other day about the deaths of 4 contractors in Fallujah (graphic photos).

Daily Kos said (originally found here but is now deleted. Captured screenshot here):

Let the people see what war is like. This isn't an Xbox game. There are real repercussions to Bush's folly.

That said, I feel nothing over the death of merceneries. They aren't in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them.

I'm sorry, Mark -- but you are WAY OVER THE LINE with that comment. "Screw them", you say?

Whether you agree with the Iraq war or not, there is no excuse for treating the 4 dead civilian contractors (identified here) that way.

Shame on you Kos.

And shame on those who still keep company with you (thru Blogads).

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Either that or Commissioner Ben Abalos and Garcilliano are partisan officials for Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo "re-election" campaign.

Ayaw raw ng COMELEC na mag-hold ng hearing sa mga disqualification cases laban kay Arroyo dahil na-dismiss na raw ito ng SC.

Pero sabi naman ng SC, kaya raw nila di-nismiss ang mga kaso ni GMA ay dahil wala silang jurisdiction sa mga cases na yan.

Yung COMELEC raw ang dapat humawak niyan dahil SILA ANG MAY JURISDICTION dito, sabi ng SC.

On the allegation of misuse of government resources, the Court said: " These allegations, if proven to be true, would constitute violations of the law. This Court, however, is not the proper forum in which to pursue such charges. It is the Commission on Elections that has primary jurisdiction over alleged violations of election laws. Furthermore, factual issues are involved, necessitating a suit in a forum that is a trier of facts."

Parang ginagago lang tayo ng SC at COMELEC ano? Pinagpapasahan lang nila ang mga disqualification cases ni GMA. Walang gustong humawak dito.

Pero call talaga ito ng COMELEC at ni Ben Abalos at si Garcillano, IMO. They should either disqualify GMA or clear her name.

Pero hindi pwede yung ginagawa nyo na stonewalling.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) will not even hold a hearing on any disqualification cases filed against President Arroyo dismissed by the Supreme Court (SC) if such cases are similar to the ones lodged before the poll body.

The pre-judgment was made yesterday by Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos just a few hours after the high tribunal junked for lack of jurisdiction and cause of action a suit filed by opposition senatorial candidates Ma. Elisa “Boots” Anson-Roa and Amina Rasul-Bernardo two weeks ago seeking Mrs. Arroyo's disqualification for alleged use of public funds to bankroll her bid for term extension in the May 10 presidential polls.

Abalos, during an interview, said the Comelec cannot reverse the ruling of the high tribunal especially if the decision is unfavorable to the petitioners.

The SC in its ruling said Comelec has jurisdiction.


BTW, matagal ko nang sinasabi na bad news itong current chairman ng COMELEC. There's this PCIJ report on the "politicization" of COMELEC (by Ben Abalos) that you should read para alam nyo yung background niya.