Saturday, November 11, 2006

English is important, but Peter Wallace still needs to STFU

This article from Peter Wallace just rubbed me the wrong way.

Look, I believe English is important, but still… peter needs to do a john kerry and disappear.

You’re turning your target audience off with your clumsy remarks, Mister.

Sabi ni MLQ3:

Much as I, too, favor increased attention and resources given to the promotion of English, it’s notions like those peddled by Peter Wallace that help discredit the proponents of the language.

True. If I were an anti-English advocate, I'd use the Aussie's article to offend and piss off fellow Filipinos who are on the fence on this issue.


ellen said...

Typical ugly australian mentality. She thinks the Philippines' reason for existence is to serve foreigners like him.

john marzan said...

Here's a more sensible approach to the issue from MLQ3.