Monday, November 06, 2006

I hope Ellen makes it in time...

I found this comment from Ellen Tordesillas today:

I’m supposed to leave early this evening for Pakistan for a ten day visit upon the invitation of the Pakistan Institute of Strategic Studies.

I was told yesterday by our lawyer, I can’t leave unless the court gives me permission because arraignment for my libel case filed by Mike Arroyo is on Wednesday Nov. 8. (It was earlier set for Oct. 25 but our lawyers asked for postponement to file a motion to quash. At that time I didn’t receive the schedule of the Pakistan trip yet.)

We are asking the court for postponement of the arraignment this morning. I hope and I pray I can still make it.

Let's hope she gets the permission ASAP. Sayang naman kung hindi makapunta si Ellen.


mschumey07 said...

Hi John, Schumey here. I just changed to beta so I had to change my ID. I hope Ellen makes it too. This libel case is really more of intimidation. Such a waste.

ellen said...

Thanks John for your concern. I didn't make it.

Malaya's lawyer filed the manifestation yesterday (monday)for a resetting of the arraignment because of my Pakistan trip.

I was supposed to appear in court this morning and if we our motion is granted, I was hoping I could leave tonight.

The Pakistan Embassy tried to re-book me but there's no UAE Airlines flight today. (My itinerary was Manila-Dubai-Karachi-Islamabad).

There's a flight tomorrow but it's fully booked. The earliest I could make it is Friday. By that time, the program is already halfway. My hosts decided to cancel my trip.

Of course, I'm not happy about it. And it only underscores the hassle of a libel suit, whch probably, is the reason why Mike Arroyo slapped us with.

But as we say, it's part of the territory. And I tell myself, it's not the end of the world.

john marzan said...

sayang ellen.