Thursday, April 12, 2007

How to make the GO website better

1) GO should encourage their senatorial candidates to contribute posts on the GO blog.

Would love to hear from Lacson, Villar, Roco, Chiz, Nikki and others have to say.

2) GO should spotlight some GO, LP, NP local candidates too.

GO can highlight some of their local candidates that are running for elections this may 07.

it'd be a big help for mayor sabas abang mabulo candidacy to be spotlighted in this website. his candidacy will be of interest to more than a few people because he will be going up against maam Arroyo's son Datu.

dr. joey montemayor LP, OTOH, is running against mikey arroyo in pampanga.

and here's a useful roundup on Abang Mabulo

the GO website should not only focus the national candidates, but it should spotlight some local candidates too. they need the buzz and good word of mouth. the GO website can help them get that.

3) Comments should be turned on again.

i noticed na naka-turn off ang comments section ng GO. it's probably because maraming nanggugulo ng maka arroyo sa comments section ng GO. understandable.

pero by turning off the comments section, hindi maka-comment yung mga matitinong commenters ng GO. sayang. kasi the comments section and discussions generated there are sometimes the ones that make the blog interesting.

i have a suggestion/solution. why don't you make the GO website comments section available to members only. and only people who get an invitation to register (via email) as members can comment.