Friday, April 13, 2007

GMA 7 rejects GO's ad on corruption

I wonder why???

From the Tribune:

Television networks—at least two of them that are tagged as giants in the industry—appear to fear the wrath of MalacaƱang and displeasing some powerful Palace officials, as the two networks were said to be “overly sensitive” in accepting the political ads from the Genuine Opposition, sources from the GO camp yesterday told the Tribune.

GMA TV network reportedly accepted only three of the four advertisements and rejected the GO ad which focused on government corruption.

ABS-CBN network, for its part, initially also rejected the GO advertisement on corruption but asked the GO to change it, for this to be accepted by the network.

The latest word is that ABS-CBN accepted the GO’s submitted edited version and will air all four GO advertsiements.

“They (TV networks) seem to be so scared of ruffling the feathers of MalacaƱang for them to hesitate in accepting these opposition ads,” sources said. “First, there was the excuse of the ad being libelous in the corruption ad, but in that ad, there was no mention at all of Gloria Arroyo—just a general theme of corruption in government, but even that, they considered to be libelous and advised us instead to change it a little, which we did, and ABS-CBN accepted the corruption ad, and all the other ads. But GMA-TV rejected the corruption ad, instead approving only the three remaining ads,” the sources stressed.


mschumey07 said...

Garapalan na talaga! Did you get my email?

john marzan said...

yes, i've emailed my responses na-- a personal reply --and a CC reply to the group.

mschumey07 said...

Great insights John.