Monday, April 23, 2007

Here are the requirements for PLDT's PLAN 990

I got a copy from a PLDT branch office. PLAN 990 (monthly fee P990) services includes the PLDT landline, myDSL unlimited internet connetion that's up to 384 kbps (raw), a free modem, and free NDD service.

Here is the agreement and terms of PLDT's PLAN 990.

Conforme for PLAN 990
(SWAP and NEW)

This is to certify that I agree to the terms and conditions prescribed by the current promotion of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT).

The terms are:

1) That I will subscribe exclusively to PLAN 990 (landline and myDSL bundle service) for at least 24 months. the speed of myDSL is up to 384 kbps.

2) Upon application, I will present to PLDT the ff. requirements: one valid ID, the previous 2 months billing statement from my previous telephone service operator (paid and in current standing) OR a photocopy of my latest credit card statement (at least fully paid on the minimum amount) and the PLDT official notice (Come and Pay Letter).

3) Upon presentation of the requirements and confirmation of PLAN 990 facilities, PLDT will waive it's landline service installation charges. The waived service connection charge is P1,999.

4) I will also likewise receive the ff freebies:

- Free NDD (PLDT-PLDT) for one year
- Free Modem worth P1,200

(I understand that i will own the PLDT myDSL Modem given to me and a one year warranty period will be extended from the date of installation. Past this warranty period, I also understand that PLDT will no longer replace this for free. Subsequent repairs and replacements will be my responsibility)

5) I agree to pay one month's advance of the monthly service fee worth P990. PLDT will only install the line upon the receipt of payment (PLDT will only require the advance payment if the complete requirements are not submitted).

6) If my subscription to PLDT landline and myDSL services gets disconnected due to non-payment of my monthly bills or loss of interest within the agreed periods, I understand that PLDT will charge me a termination fee amounting to P4170. This is worth three times the monthly service fee (P990 x 3) and cost of the modem (P1,200).

7) That I will hold PLDT free from any liabilities from my previous Telephone Company.


____________________________ __________________
(Signature over Printed Name) (Date Signed)

UPDATE: There are changes to the new PLAN 990:

1) The modem's not free anymore. You have to pay P1,200
2) 12 months na lang instead of 24 months kang naka-lock in.

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john marzan said...

ang hindi ko lang alam eh, dahil nakalimutan kong itanong... included na kaya yung evat sa P990 na babayaran mo? o hindi pa siya kasama?

since ang monthly service fee ng PLDT telephone line is P608. With Evat, it goes up to P681/month.


Now sa PLAN 990 naman, kung magbabayan ka pa ng EVAT, then ang actual amount na babayaran mo is P1108.80

tama ba yan?