Monday, April 16, 2007

Maramba: Giant Step for a Priest

Asuncion David Maramba writes about Fr. Eddie Panlilio candidacy for the governorship of Pampanga.

Eto ang mga bigatin na makakalaban ni Fr. Panlilio doon.

UPDATE: Manuel Buencamino on one of Fr. Panlilio's opponents:

Lito Lapid was tricked into running for mayor of Makati. Lilia Pineda did not announce her candidacy until Lito was safely out of the way - a resident of Makati.

If Lito were not so stupid, he could have run for governor of Pampanga just to defeat the Pinedas and keep his turf. Now Mark is in trouble and Lito can't help him.

The conchaba between the Arroyos and the Pinedas worked and the Lapids will now be out.


mschumey07 said...

I'd love to see this priest win. With the way the people had been pushing him to run, he will surely win. The true Lord will be watching over him unlike his two competitors whose lords are from dubious origins.

engineerOFW said...

I think that the Iglesia ni Kristo will work against this priest