Wednesday, August 29, 2007

UPDATED: "How could the President of the Philippines end up with a tapped phone?"

Ito sabi kuya MLQ3, na itinutulak rin ni Tito Deej:

I believe Dean Jorge Bocobo was the first to argue that the real story -and scandal- all along, boils down to a question: how could the President of the Philippines end up with a tapped phone?

I have to disagree with Manuel and Dean on this one. I don't think Arroyo was the target being spied on by ISAFP, BUT GARCILLANO. Napatawag lang si maam kay Garci kaya siya nadamay.

Katulad ito ng kaso ng wiretapping sa CNN journalist Christianne Amanpour. Hindi si Amanpour ang target ng NSA surveillance kundi yung terrorista sa kabilang linya (who's probably a "source" for Amanpour's reporting.)

UPDATE: Btw, panoorin nyo yung video ni Lacson kay Doble na nasa PCIJ.

Haha, nice one Lito.

UPDATE: "National Security"? Puh-lease!

Hindi po si Arroyo ang mino-monitor ng authorities kundi yung rogue official na si Garci.

Nadamay lang si Arroyo dahil tinawagan niya si Garci.

Why did some in the administration higher-ups eavesdropped on garci's phoneline? because they know he's up to no good and they don't trust him, so they want to keep an eye on Garci just in case namamangka si Garci sa dalawang ilog, o magsumbong siya sa kampo ni FPJ.

Wouldn't be a huge problem for her if they were just chit-chatting. but when they talked about silencing witnesses and fixing elections, ibang usapan na yan.

UPDATE: Tanong ng Inquirer Editorial:

If the “Hello, Garci” tapes had never surfaced, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would be firmly in charge, there would be, at best, a token opposition, and she wouldn’t be, today, the Richard Nixon of Philippine politics. But the tapes surfaced, and the country then, as now, must ask: Why does the chief victim of the wiretapping, the President, seem the least inclined to get to the bottom of the matter?

Doronila OTOH, makes the case for the other side.

Ellen Tordesillas offers a different view from Doronila.

UPDATE: Neal Cruz is disappointed with Joker Arroyo.


john marzan said...

Siguro dapat si Garcillano ang dapat magsampa ng kaso laban kay doble at ISAFP.

john marzan said...

one reason why the admin allies doesn't want to reopen Hello Garci is because they know this administration and ISAFP are still doing it--that is, tapping phones and spying on anti-Arroyo personalities and admin officials they don't fully trust (like the rogue official Garcillano).

Ellen said...

I think it was clear that it was Garcillano that was being tapped in the Hello Garci scandal.

The info was, it was not Gloria who ordered the wiretapping. It was either Mike Arroyo or another group who distrusted Garcillano. Since they know he is fro sale, they were worried that FPJ would be able to buy him.

As FPJ's lawyer, Harriet Demetriou said, "Marunong ang Diyos."

john marzan said...

ellen, kung kinausap ni Arroyo si Lacson o si Erap sa telepono, malamang malalaman rin ng ISAFP ang usapan nila dahil nakatap ang linya ng mga opposition personalities.

Manila Bay Watch said...

Agree Gloria was collateral damage but not fatally.

BURAOT said...

one thing na pinagtataka ko with this issue, bakit di man lang umaalma si GMA. imagine kung ikaw presidente, malaman mong tinap pala usap mo sa telepono ng sarili allied and loyal military officials, di ka ba mag-aalburuto?