Sunday, January 27, 2008

The New Rambo film a "political movie"?

(via ross douthat) after reading this review, i may have to see it for myself.

Like its three predecessors, Rambo strikes a nerve, and it's not a nerve that America's left-leaning critical establishment wants struck. Cowritten and directed by Stallone, the fourth Rambo movie is a bracingly political picture -- as much an argument in movie form as No End In Sight; a pro-interventionist rebuttal to all the 2007 documentaries and dramas about America losing bits of its soul in Iraq. The I-word is never spoken in Rambo, yet in its coded way, the film makes a case for why we are in Iraq and should stay there until the job is done, whenever that may be.
Read this too.

Here's the 60 sec trailer.

But I like the longer one.


Bren said...

Gory, bloody movie with bullets slamming into babies, legs and other body parts flying all over the place when hit by a mortar shell, heads exploding when hit by AK47 and larger-caliber weapons.

The social-redeeming-value aspect of this movie is, when you leave, you talk about Myanmar brutality.

Bren said...

Now, the lesson from Iraq is this : as a general rule, outsiders (be they the USA, China, Egypt, the EU, ASEAN or the United Nations) should not intervene militarily in internal matters of nations, even if it is as bad as Saddam brutality upon the Iraqi people. Beware unleashing the genies inside Pandora's box.
Witness the mess created by Malaysian or Syrian interference in Mindanao.