Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UPDATED: Arrogance

Carlos Celdran re Arroyo's corruption:

Idea to float by the Senate: Start the moral revolution by commiting mass hara kiri. Zest-o juice drink with a dash of cyanide would be my cocktail of choice for you all.

Why call on them to commit suicide when it’s the arroyo administration who has betrayed our public trust and abused it’s power?

And this dude said na if Arroyo's investigated, we should also investigate her accusers raw. What for? As a retaliatory move, Bong? To harass her critics?


MORE: Ito naman ang headline ng tribune base sa sinabi ni CBCP Archbishop Lagdameo: Edsa II a mistake, says CBCP head

“In People Power I, we were very satisfied with the result. The second one, we were somehow disappointed because People Power II, with the help of the church, installed a president who later on was judged by surveys as the most corrupt president. That is embarrassing,” Lagdameo said.

“We went from the frying pan to (the fire), but what can we do?” he asked.

I don't think Archbishop Lagdameo said Edsa Dos was "a mistake", just that they were "disappointed" with the results.

And I noticed Lagdameo said Arroyo...

"was judged by surveys as the most corrupt president."

Okay, that's what the survey says. But does Lagdameo or the CBCP also believe that themselves? Or do they believe that all of these are “simply rumors, fears, suspicions, imagined wrongs”? John Nery said the bishops are being intellectually dishonest with us raw.

I think Lagdameo's "mea culpa" with Edsa Dos has less to do with contrition and more to do with protecting Arroyo from another people's revolt. Which is puzzling because I don't think Gloria is in any danger of being ousted via People Power at this time since watak watak ang opposition ngayon (thanks to villar) at hindi pa organized ang mga anti-Arroyo forces.

Oh well, everybody's distancing themselves from Edsa Dos. Even Arroyo. Lagdameo is just the latest to "see the light", so to speak.


carlosceldran said...

Um. Why are you calling me an idiot? I have no problems with you. Why are you name calling when I have not gone out of my way to aggrandize you at all?

Are you so blinded by hate for Gloria that you are attacking people who wish you no ill?

As I said before. CHILL OUT.

I have no problems with you. Relax. Peace man.

Please accept my apology for not agreeing with your political views.

carlosceldran said...

Sorry. Read the post. You called Bong an idiot pala. Not me. Oops. Hwehwehwe

Either way. Name calling is still not necessary here.

Can't we express our views without insulting one another?

And also, please realize that Gloria is not the only one who "betrayed our public trust and abused it’s power?" I think Erap and his crew did as well as did Marcos and Ramos.

Cory did not abuse power. She was just a glowing theocratic twit. :o)

Actually, you are right! It is fun to do name calling.


john marzan said...

And also, please realize that Gloria is not the only one who "betrayed our public trust and abused it’s power?" I think Erap and his crew did as well as did Marcos and Ramos.

and look what happened to estrada and marcos. i think ramos got away with some, and it's our fault for not making him accountable.

john marzan said...

and i really don't understand why you personally take offense to "name-calling" when you in your blog have resorted to that numerous times against people you disagree with. you've even wished for their deaths.

so i don't get all this sensitivity from you especially.

carlosceldran said...

I insult politicians and other people of power. NOT FELLOW bloggers. There lies the difference.

carlosceldran said...
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john marzan said...

Oh, okay. i now see the difference. thanks for clarifying. ;)

and it wasn't you who i called an idiot, btw. and i usually don't make personal attacks or make death threats against politicians or fellow bloggers, even against somebody i despise, like maam arroyo.

but i once did call for Arroyo's Supreme Court to be lined up and shot.

of course i was just joking. :o)

carlosceldran said...

Really dude, you and I aren't the ones doing all the crap so let's just save the tomatoes for the people who really are screwing up the country.

Peace bro.