Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"An amazing pastoral statement from the CBCP"

From the Tribune Editorial:

Catholic bishops appear to have totally lost their moral moorings as they virtually exculpated Gloria Arroyo and her government from blame on the rampant corruption and instead put the blame on the Filipino people for the moral decay in society.

They also placed the blame on the media for the “darkness” that we live with today, saying Filipinos are “a people almost without hope,” seeing darkness everywhere, adding the many problems we have today are “simply rumors, fears, suspicions, imagined wrongs” and as these rumors, imagined wrongs, suspicions and fears are reported in the newspapers, the people believe these imaginary problems to be true and factual. All these were stated in the bishops’ pastoral statement issued Monday.

This is truly an amazing pastoral statement from the bishops who claim to be the country’s moral guides.

Simply rumors, suspicions and imagined wrongs in this government and society, they say? Were the “Hello Garci” conversations caught on tape detailing the cheating operations of the presidential polls of 2004 which even included abductions of election officers who were not willing to engage in cheating, an imagined problem and a rumor?

Read the whole thing. I don't trust the CBCP. When the issue of Hello Garci election fraud first surfaced, the CBCP immediately came out with a pastoral letter saying that they were not asking for Arroyo's resignation, and that they would not support another edsa power grab, but would prefer "constitutional means" like impeachment. A lot of people including members of the opposition were skeptical that impeachment will work, but went along anyway.

Guess what? A year later, Bait and switch. When the anti-Arroyo movement moved to impeach arroyo, the CBCP came out with another pastoral statement, this time saying they will not support Arroyo's impeachment.

These are the same people too that supported the unconstitutional Calibrated Pre-emptive Response (CPR) rule at the height of Hello Garci.

So whenever i hear bishops pontificating na "we are all corrupt", or "everybody cheats anyway", matawa ka na lang.


manuelbuencamino said...

"we are all corrupt." is an admission of guilt on the part of the bishops.

Obviously, the admission is unfair to those among them who never accepted envelops from Malacanan.

But then again the incorruptible among them numbers half a dozen at most.

Simony 21st century style.

zen2 said...

"We are all Corrupt...", coming from the Catholic bishops, is one way of trying to smooth-talk the confused laity---often betrayed by the morally calloused bishops.

likewise, it signals a clarion vindication for those who fought, and continuously still, and sought to effect a new socio-political order.

ugly dark age NOT only for Pinoy Catholics but for the entire human race.


john marzan said...

These are the same people too that supported the unconstitutional Calibrated Pre-emptive Response (CPR) rule at the height of Hello Garci.