Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why McCain-Rice in 2008?

John McCain Condi Rice (source)

Why Condoleezza Rice?

Because she will excite the base. Because she will attract moderate independents and democrats. The only people who hate her are the anti-war fringes of the Democrat party and the MoveOn/Daily Kos crowd.

Because like McCain, who is running ahead of the Republican brand in favorability ratings, she too is doing better than most administration officials in likability.

Condoleezza Rice is, without question, one of the most accomplished women in the world. She is also one of the most recognizable. She has a remarkable life story that is equal to that of either nominee. And, yes, she is closely tied to a two-term President who is widely unpopular, though she has managed to maintain favorable ratings far above all other major players in the administration precisely because she is such a compelling, independent-minded individual.

It took guts and political courage for McCain to support the unpopular Surge. Now he needs it again in selecting his Vice President. Some will see this as controversial, since she's closely associated with the Bush administration, but most people (Republicans and Independents) will see this as a bold choice. An exceptional choice for VP that will blow anybody obama chooses out of the water.

Her expertise will become more apparent as the US will have to deal with Russia (and China.) And her successful efforts as Secretary of STate in improving rocky elations with European allies after the Bush 1st term cannot be just pooh poohed (hey, being able to speak five languages can't hurt.)

McCain can handle National Security, and Condi diplomacy.

McCain should announce the VEEP selection a week after Obama delivers his stadium speech at Invesco field, to negate the expected Obama bounce, and to make the Republican convention something to look forward to other than a predictable ceremony.

If Condi is selected at the convention, it will bring the house down, so to speak.

UPDATE: Sure, the condi pick is controversial because of her Bush ties. And it allows the racists and some african-americans in the democratic party an excuse to trash her and call her an "uncle tom". or bring up the rumors of her sexual orientation. if the anti-war loons in demcoratic part wants to bring up the bush impeachment or "war crimes" accusations against condi, mccain should not back down. because i think their actions will backfire on the barack obama.

UPDATE: What i'm saying is, this notion that Condi Rice is a liability to McCain because of Bush is overrated.

REad this too from BizPlusBlog on Rice.

Previous: I changed my mind on McCain's VP pick.

UPDATE: From a left perspective:

Condi Rice: Call me crazy, but to me this is the pick that has the potential to alter the contest. Her association with the Bush administration, and Bush personally, is a big negative. On the other hand, Bush already seems like yesterday's news. Where Condi could really give McCain a boost is with women. Obama currently does poorly among women over the age of 40, which is rare for a Democratic candidate.


Equalizer said...

EQ Fearless Forecast:

Obama/Biden vs.McCain/Romney

john marzan said...

a lot of things can change, equalizer. i used to think romney was gonna be mccain's choice too. obviously, i now think it should be condi rice.

Equalizer said...


EQ POLL:In your opinion,who should be OBAMA'S running mate?

Poll Results to-date:

Joe Biden:25%
Kathleen Sebelius:19%

john marzan said...

why pick kaine when you can do better with bill richardson?

Peter Dow said...

I guess this blog is by the same "John Marzan" who was writing in 2005 the "Filipinos for Condi Rice, A Pinoy blog dedicated to push and help Condoleeza Rice run for president in 2008" - around the time Condi fever was at its peak?

I used the banner of John's "Filipinos for Condi Rice" blog to spoof a "Condi meets Arroyo" page for my video on YouTube -

You wanna McCain - Rice 2008 ticket, or, a piece of Condi?"

The video is set to Britney Spear's "You wanna piece of me?" and Britney's lyrics make a mention of her being in the Philippines and so John's blog title was just what was required.

The blog page was fictitious but the meeting between Condi and Philippine President Arroyo happened right enough.

The point is with writers from the Philippines (John) to Scotland (me) calling for a President or a Vice-President Condoleezza Rice it is a wonder that more Americans don't seem to realize what they've got there in Condi and aren't themselves pushing harder to get Condi to run on the ticket.

- Peter Dow,
Owner, Rice for President Yahoo Group