Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Joker is right on this one...

Joker Arroyo: Ang Ladlad should not have been disqualified

LADLAD should have been given a chance.

Thus said Sen. Joker Arroyo in reaction to the disqualification of the gay party list by the Commission on Elections.

Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos has dismissed Ladlad as a nuisance group as it “has no nationwide membership, and that its supposed members are mere phantoms.”

“It is a sad commentary on the times that Comelec has excluded Ladlad as a nuisance party candidate,” Joker said.

“How can they say that we are not qualified?,” protested Ladlad nominee Danton Remoto. “I have a doctorate degree to speak of, that is to say we are more qualified than most other candidates and we are fighting for the rights of millions out there who are being silenced by gender discrimination and injustice.”

For Joker, to disqualify Ladlad would be outright unfair for many Filipinos and Filipinas.

“Ladlad has a very legitimate concern that should be allowed representation in Congress,” Joker said.

“They should be given a chance to participate in the party-list election to prove the worthiness of their advocacy,” he added.

You know, i've been disappointed with mr. arroyo recently, but i have to give him credit for taking this stand.

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