Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Want to stop a potential Noli de Castro candidacy?

Easy. Impeach Arroyo in 2009 for Election fraud and corruption. Whether Noli decides to stay on and assume the presidency or if he resigns, it's LOSE-LOSE for him. Here's why.

And for people who are worried about Noli as acting president, if you impeach arroyo in 2009, you get to elect a new president in 2010. Isang taon lang ang stay ni Kabayad sa pagka-presidente.

So two birds in one stone. Not only do you effectively prevent a possible Noli presidency beyond 2010, you get to put arroyo and garci in jail too.

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manuelbuencamino said...

yeah John. Let Noli take over now so people will now whether or not he deserves to be elected in 2010. Audition time niya ito. besides how much looting can Noli do in one year,