Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Arroyo will "step down" after 2010, but will become RP's Putin

MLQ3 and Conrad de Quiros are wrong. Sabi nila she won't quit after 2010. But I think she will.

Arroyo apologists keep telling us na we have to be patient: 2 more years na lang raw, tapos mawawala na si Maam. He's wrong too.

Arroyo wants to become the RP's Vladimir Putin, and wants to get somebody like Russian sock puppet President Dmitry Medvedev as a successor. With the cheaters in COMELEC and the military still intact, mabilis lang gawin.

(VIDEO: Anne Applebaum on Putinism)

JDV Yoda is half right when he said the LAKAS-KAMPI merger is part of her plan to extend her term. What she intends to be is a kingmaker, and a powerful, controlling national figure after 2010, para tuloy tuloy ang pagiging untouchable niya (at mga dagdag bawas operators sa COMELEC at wiretappers sa ISAFP) after she steps down. So the national nightmare will not end after 2010. Maam, Pidal, Mikey, Dado and Iggy will not go away, sorry to say.

The only thing left is who will be her chosen successor? It seems like most of the current presidentiables, except for Lacson, has left the door open for that possibility.

So sino sino sila? Si Noli?

Si Loren? (heh.)

And like Loren Legarda, for all the recent criticisms Mar Roxas leveled against Arroyo--Roxas and his LP party have yet to burn their bridges with the Arroyo administration. But don't call the Liberal Party Arroyo collaborators.

As for Manny Villar, what else is there to say about this shameless pol? The guy will do anything, get in bed with anybody, to get elected.

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cvj said...

I think you're right. That's smoother and in keeping with Ronnie Puno's style.